Anatomy exam

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  1. formed elements
    • erythrocytes
    • leukocytes
    • platelets (thrombocytes)
  2. poikilocytosis
    any irregularity in the shape of RBC's
  3. erythrocytes (red blood cells)
    carry oxygen to body cells, they contain hemoglobin
  4. bilirubin
    pigment produced from hemoglobin
  5. sideropenia
    deficiency in iron in the blood
  6. leukocytes
    fight infections
  7. granulocytes (cells have granules in cytoplasm)
    • Basophils
    • eosinophils
    • neutrophils
  8. platelets (thrombocytes)
    aid in coagulation
  9. plasma (contains fibrinogen)
    liquid portion of blood from which all the cells have been removed.
  10. albumin
    is responsible for osmotic balance
  11. Blood groups
    (4 main blood groups or types)
    • A
    • B
    • AB
    • O
  12. Rh+
    u have the protein
  13. Rh-
    u have no extra protein
  14. Agglutination
    clumping of blood often seen in a recipient's blood upon receiving incompatible blood
  15. blood clotting
    essential for clotting is calcium, fibrinogen and prothrombin

    (Heparin or aspirin)
  16. anticoagulant
    substance that works against formation of clots
  17. fibrin clot
    protein threads that form the basis of a blood clot
  18. Serum
    identical to plasma except clotting factors have been removed which are fibrinogen and prothrombin
  19. plasmapheresis
    mechanical process separating plasma from formed elements
  20. blood dyscrasia
    any abnormal or pathological condition of the blood
  21. anemia
    deficiency in quantity and/or quality of erythrocytes which results in decreased oxygen carrying capacity
  22. aplastic anemia
    red bone marrow is producing too few or no RBC's and can lead to pancytopenia
  23. hemolytic anemia
    excessive destruction of RBCs
  24. Type O blood
    universal donor
  25. Type AB blood
    universal recipient
  26. Calcium
    important with fibrinogen and prothrombin for clotting
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