Classics 60 Texts review

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  1. Epic of Gilgamesh - Author
    Author is unknown, but it is know to have originated in Mesopotamia.
  2. Epic of Gilgamesh - Time Period
    • The story has been in existence since the 2,500 BC.
    • Standard version - 7th century BC.
  3. Epic of Gilgamesh - genre
    There are many versions in existence, written in cuneiform on clay tablets. The standard version is an epic story made up of 11 tablets (and a 12th one, although it is sometimes not considered canonical) written for the last Assyrian king's library.
  4. Odyssey - Author
    The Odyssey is attributed to the poet Homer (although there is doubt that a Homer actually existed, and if he did, there is still some doubt that he created the Odyssey).
  5. Odyssey - Time Period
    The Odyssey was created in the 8th century BC in Greek. It was later translated into other languages and influenced several other fantastic journey stories.
  6. Odyssey - Genre
    The Odyssey is an epic poem. The style of the poem, and several small details in the poem, suggest that the poem was originally an oral poem, and was later on written down.
  7. Medea - Author
    Medea was first written by Euripides, and later on written by Ennuis.
  8. Medea - time period
    • Euripides lived during the 5th century BC.
    • Ennius lived during the 3rd-2nd century BC.
  9. Medea - genre
    Media was written as play.
  10. Catullus 64 - author
    It was written by Catullus.
  11. Catullus 64 - time period
    it was written in the 1st century BC.
  12. Catullus 64 - genre
    It is an "epyllion" or little epic poem.
  13. Eclogue 4 - author
  14. Eclogue 4 - time period
    1st century BC
  15. eclogue 4 - genre
    It is a type of poem known as an eclogue. It is also often seen as a messianic text since it shares several motifs with Jewish/Christian messianic prophecies found in Isaiah.
  16. Argonautica - Author
  17. Argonautica - time period
    3rd century BC
  18. Argonautica - genre
    Epic poem written during the hellenistic period. It is the only surviving epic from that period.
  19. Tale of the shipwreck sailor - author
    Author unknown, but originated from egypt.
  20. Tale of the shipwreck sailor - time period
    2000 BC - 1700 BC
  21. Tale of the shipwreck sailor - genre
    Narrative prose, originated in egypt, discovered around the late 19th century
  22. Homelanding - author
    Margaret Atwood
  23. Homelanding - time period
    1989 Contemporary
  24. Histories - author
  25. Histories - time period
    5th century BC
  26. Histories - genre
    Historical account research.
  27. Indika - author
  28. Indika - time period
    5th century
  29. Indika - genre
    The actual work of ctesias are lost, but his work is greatly preserved in summary.
  30. Island of the sun - Author
  31. Island of the sun - time period
    1st century
  32. Island of the sun - genre
    The original work is lost, but preserved in summary by Diodorus
  33. True histories - time period
    2nd century bc
  34. Journey to the center of the earth - author
    Jules Verne
  35. Journey to the center of the earth - time period
    mid 19th century 1864
  36. Allan Quatermain - author
    H Rider Haggard
  37. Allan Quatermain - time period
    published late 19th century 1887
  38. Time machine - author
    HG Wells
  39. Time Machine - time period
    late 19th century 1895
  40. Gulliver's Travels -author
    Jonathan swift
  41. Gulliver swift -time period
    Early 18th century 1726
  42. Frankenstein - author
    mary Shelley
  43. Frankenstein - time period
    1818 early 19th century
  44. Borges
    • Aleph
    • The Immortal
    • Contemporary 1949
  45. Phillip K. Dick
    • We can remember it for you wholesale 1966
    • I hope I shall arrive soon 1980
  46. China mieville
    • Report of certain events in london
    • contemporary 2004
  47. Ursula K. Le guin
    • Sur
    • late 20th century 1982
  48. Haruki Murakami
    • Town of cats - 1Q84
    • contemporary 2009
  49. Liao Yiwu
    • became political critic after Tienanmen massacre
    • arrested and tortured
    • published "Corpse Walker" 2002
  50. Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    • Coleridge
    • Poem
    • late 18th century 1796
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