Evolution & Romanticism People & Terms

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  1. Neptunism
    • water influence on geology
    • flood --> artificially aged earth
  2. Vulcanism
    • heat influence on geology
    • hot core
  3. James Hutton
    • idea of old earth
    • slow changed
  4. Louis Agassiz
    • idea of Ice Age & glaciers
    • movement of geographical features
  5. Georges Cuvier
    idea of simpler life forms down the strata
  6. William Smith
    idea of fossils show that most animals go extinct
  7. Lamarck
    fossil lines are related to current creatures
  8. Charles Lyell
    • "Principle of Geology" - current features could have been responsible for geological features given a long enough time
    • ex.) river-->valleys-->mountains
  9. Epic of Gilgamesh
    flood narrative predating Hebrews
  10. Nebular Theory
    • solar system naturally formed by heated gas
    • (no need for creator)
  11. William Whiston
    idea that comet impacted earth and changed development
  12. William Wells
    mutations can be advantageous
  13. Thomas Malthus & Adam Smith
    • writings on resource and competition
    • "survival of the fittest"
  14. Alfred Wallace
    • has own theory of evolution; "Wallaces Line"
    • -species change at a strict line/border
  15. T.H. Huxley
    • bold, loved to argue
    • argued on behalf of Darwin against Wilberforce on origins (1860)
  16. Strum und Drang
    • "Storm & Stress"
    • emotion writing
  17. Johann Goethe
    • "The Sorrows of Young Werther"
    • -about impressionable artist brutalized by society
    • readers committed suicide
  18. Gustave Flaubert
    • "Madame Bovary"
    • -reaction to French Revolution
  19. William Wordsworth
    • wrote reactions to Industrial Revolution
    • emphasized importance of nature
    • Lord Byron & "Byronic Hero"
  20. Beethoven
    • believed society owed him a living
    • (for his music)
  21. Liszt
    first to take pride in fame with a unique style
  22. Schubert
    started Waltzes where men and women can touch in dance
  23. Richard Wagner
    "Ring Cycle" - 60 hour opera
  24. Alexander von Humboldt
    • first modern university
    • -teach and research
    • traveling naturalist
    • Darwin followed him

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Evolution Romanticism People Terms

Evolution & Romanticism People & Terms
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