Georgia Law

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  1. Requirements for certification for pharmaceuticals
    • 1. Already certified for drug use for diagnostic purposes
    • 2. Passed necessary exams
    • 3. CPR certified
    • 4. Has $1 million malpractice
  2. What does "Board" mean?
    State board of optometry
  3. Oral analgesics rules
    • Schedule III or IV controlled for ocular pain
    • Used no longer than 72 hours without consultation first
  4. Requirements to prescribe a beta blocker for glaucoma
    • 1. Take a complete case history
    • 2. Determine if the patient has had a physical within the last year
    • 3. If no physical or a history of CHF, bradycardia, heart block, COPD, or asthma, patient must get a physical first
  5. What do you do if the patient does not respond to glaucoma drugs?
    After 60 days, refer to an ophthalmologist
  6. What do you do with closed angle glaucoma?
    Refer immediately to an ophthalmologist
  7. How many board members are there? How is the board composed?
    • 6. Governor selected appointments. 5 members are active O.D.s with at least 5 years of experience, 1 non-O.D.
    • Note: no academic O.D. or O.D. who sells optical goods at wholesale are eligible
  8. What are the terms of office for board members? Who fills a vacant spot?
    2 members for 1 year, 2 for 2 years, and 1 for 3 years. The governor
  9. How often are the president and vice president of the board elected? How many meetings are there annually?
    Annually. Two meetings per year
  10. What can the board do? What can't it do?
    • Can: establish rules/regulations to regulate the practice of optometry
    • Can't: restrict the location where an O.D. practice
  11. How many locations does an optical firm need to not publish an O.D.s name?
  12. How often do you have to register your license, and with who?
    Biennually, with the division director
  13. Who is able to sell or dispense contacts?
    Optometrist, dispensing opticians, ophthalmologists
  14. What is the penalty for dispensing CLs illegally?
    Felony-10,000 fine and 1-5 years in jail
  15. Can you refuse to give a CL Rx?
    Only if the patient has not paid for all services connected with the Rx
  16. How long must you keep a prescription after dispensing contact lenses?
    24 months after the prescription is filled
  17. Can substitutions be made to contact lens prescriptions when dispensing?
    No; only the specified color or tint can be unless specified otherwise.
  18. What are the normal VA requirements?
    • 20/60 or better in one eye and a horizontal field of vision of 140 degrees.
    • OR 70 degrees temporally and 50 degrees nasally for one eye
  19. What if a person has VAs les than 20/60 but better than 20/200? How can they get a license?
    • 1. They can get VAs of 20/60 or better through bioptics
    • 2. Telescopes are prescribed by an O.D. or M.D.
    • 3. The person is properly trained in bioptic use
    • 4. The person has had on the road evaluation and training
    • 5. The person completes a normal drivers ed course after bioptic training
  20. When can bioptic restrictions be reviewed, and how?
    After 1 year by completing all the proper examinations and evaluations
  21. How often does a bioptic license be renewed? How often does a bioptic driver need to be evaluated?
    • Renewed every 4 years unless there is a change in VA, VF, or health. Then the license expires immediately.
    • Reevaluated every 2 years.
  22. What are the minimums for driver training courses for bioptic drivers?
    30 classroom hours and 6 on the road hours
  23. When must you notify the board of an address change?
    Within 15 days
  24. What is the maximum numbers of hours for CE that you can obtain from ophthalmologic courses? Where can you take them?
    • 10 hours per biennium.
    • Emory, Mercer, MCG, Morehouse
  25. What CE is pre-approved by the board?
    • -COPE certified
    • -Society of Professional Optometrists in GA
    • -SECO
  26. What courses will NOT satisfy CE requirements?
    • 1. Social and health trends
    • 2. Unrelated courses that won't enhance the practitioners skills
    • 3. CPR
    • 4. Courses conducted by someone optical related (unless board approved)
  27. How many CE hours are required? What must they consist of?
    36 hours per biennium, with at least 18 being pharmacology or pathology related to the eye
  28. How many CE hours are required if you are licensed within the 1st year of the biennium?
    18 hours
  29. How many hours are required for ethics and law CE?
    1 hour per biennium for GA practitioners only
  30. How many CE hours are required if you are licensed within the 2nd year of the biennium?
  31. When are new licensees required to complete CE?
    They are required to complete 36 hours of CE beginning in the THIRD year of licensure
  32. How is CE credit for grand rounds given? What is the maximum allowed?
    1 hour of CE for 2 hours in grand rounds; a maximum of 8 hours can be obtained this way
  33. How many hours of CE can be obtained electronically?
    10 hours
  34. How many CE hours can be obtained for practice management coursework? What is the stipulation?
    10 hours; it must be patient care related
  35. How is CE verified?
    ARBO-OE tracker program
  36. For auditing purposes, how long must you maintain records/proof of CE attendance?
    3 years from the date of attendance
  37. What qualifies a person for CE deferral?
    • 1. Certified illness
    • 2. Hardship
  38. How can a license be put into inactive status? What are the rules of inactive status?
    * Practitioner must be 65; retirement

    * Rules: He must not practice or present themselves as able to provide services

    *No CE or renewal fees will be assessed
  39. How can a doctor reactivate an inactive license?
    • 1. Provide evidence of 10 hours of CE per year of inactivity (maximum of 50 hours) taken within 6 months prior to reactivation
    • 2. Pay 50 dollars in addition to normal fees
  40. When do licenses expire, and how are they renewed?
    • 1. Expires on December 31 of odd numbered years
    • 2. Pay biennial renewal fees
    • 3. Provide proof of CE (if audited)
  41. How long is the "late renewal" for licenses?
    30 days after the deadline
  42. What happens to a service member whose license expired while on active duty? How can they renew?
    They are not charged for the late fee for 6 months after discharge provided they provide proof of discharge
  43. What happens after the late renewal time period?
    Licenses are revoked and require reinstatement by the board
  44. What are the qualifications/requirements for a volunteer in optometry?
    • 1. Submit an application with the board
    • 2. Must be retired with good standing
    • 3. Submit mental/physical forms
    • 4. 6 month license, no fees
  45. How do you reinstate a lapsed license?
    If there was no fault, reinstatement application only. Board approval is necessary otherwise. All documentation is necessary.
  46. What is "bait and switch" advertising?
    A product or service is advertised for a specific price but the consumer actually must purchase additional products or services not advertised
  47. How can you practice under someone elses name?
    When you practice with a partner. You can practice for 2 years after they pass away.
  48. What is required to publicly display an O.D.s name at an office?
    The doctor must be present at the time of services and be there 4 hours per week
  49. What are safeguards against patient abandonment?
    • 1. 24 hour availability
    • 2. Arranges alternative coverage by another practitioner or healthcare facility
    • 3. Advises patient in advance, in writing, that they are not available after hours
  50. What must you determine before prescribing a treatment plan for the patient?
    • 1. Case history
    • 2. External and internal ocular health
    • 3. Additional testing
  51. What is included in a comprehensive exam?
    • 1. History
    • 2. General medical observations
    • 3. External and internal ocular health
    • 4. Gross VF
    • 5. VAs
    • 6. Ocular motility/alignment
    • 7. BV and Accommodation
    • 8. Treatment and plan
  52. What must be included on a contact lens Rx?
    • 1. Parameters of the lens
    • 2. Expiration date (1 year max)
    • 3. Patients name
    • 4. Practitioner number and address
  53. What are the limitations when replacing a persons contact lenses from data?
    No more than 3 years old
  54. When can a practitioner provide an expired contact lens prescription?
    When another doctor will use the specifications as a baseline to determine new Rx
  55. What must an advertisement for prescription spex or CLs contain?
    • 1. Must say that an eye doctor's Rx is required for purchase
    • 2. Offer expiration date if less than 30 days
    • 3. Limited quantities or total quantities available
    • 4. Complete description of goods and services included and extra charges required for patient's needs
    • 5. Limit per customer
  56. What does "division" mean?
    The professional licensing boards division
  57. Who is the "division director"?
    The individual appointed by the secretary of state as director of the licensing boards division within the office of the secretary of state
  58. What are the duties of the division director?
    • 1. Maintain records related to professional licensing boards
    • 2. Receive license applications
    • 3. Schedule examinations
    • 4. Schedule hearings
    • 5. Issue certificates
    • 6. Collect fees
  59. What happens if you are convicted of a felony?
    If convicted, a majority vote can refuse or revoke a license
  60. What can happen if you fail to pay child support or default on a loan?
    Licenses can be revoked or repealed
  61. What can the board to do discipline a person?
    • 1. Refuse renewal
    • 2. Reprimand/suspension/revokation
    • 3. License limitations/restrictions
    • 4. Fines up to $500 for each violation
    • 5. Fees
  62. What is considered deceptive/misleading advertising in regards to deductibles or co-pays?
    Waivers of deductibles or co-pays to attract patients; it is OK to waive these if authorized by the insurer or upon evaluation of the patient
  63. When is a service member not eligible for waivers, etc discussed within bylaws?
    When the member was anything but honorably discharged from service
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