Ancient Architecture

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  1. All of the following describe Egyptian architecture EXCEPT
  2. All of the following characterize Egyptian architecture EXCEPT
    During the Ptolemaic period, Egyptian architecture was influenced by the megalithic structures of Great Britain.
  3. The belief in an everlasting life pervaded all areas of Egyptian society. All but which of the following where a direct consequence of this powerful force?
    Tombs and pyramids were located on the east bank of the Nile.
  4. Match:
    sphinx, obelisk, mastaba, pylon
    half lion/half man, stone monolith representing a ray of light, nobleman's tomb, temple element at entry.
  5. Which of the following concerning Mesopotamian culture is FALSE
    Unlike the Egyptians, they did not have proper irrigation techniques that resulted in smaller, less prosperous towns.
  6. When comparing Egyptian and Mesopotamian architecture, all of the following are true EXCEPT?
    The Mesopotamian ziggurat & Egyptian pyramid were similar in that they both contained tombs.
  7. Which of the following regarding Neolithic Architecture is FALSE?
    Neolithic man did not build permanent structures because he was a nomadic predator always on the move.
  8. Which of the following concerning the Funerary Complex of King Zoser is FALSE?
    It characterized the shift from the compact Old Kingdom Pyramids to linear compositions of the New Kingdom.
  9. A prominent feature of Mesopotamian architecture was
    mud brick construction.
  10. Which of the following architectural features were applicable to the Egyptian temple?
    plan arranged about an axis, wall generally battered, clerestory light in a hypostyle hall
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