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  1. Define Enlightenment
    New better ideas about philosophy, life and art in Europe
  2. Enlightened despot
    A ruler who supports Enlightenment ideas
  3. Separation of powers
    Having an executive, judicial and legislative branch. This idea was brought by Montesquie.
  4. Social Contract
    Agreement between government and the people in which the government would rule to avoid chaos
  5. Describe the beliefs of John Locke.
    People are reasonable and moral. They had natural rights. He supported government with limited power and all citizens accepted it. Government is means to protect natural rights.
  6. Define Natural Rights.
    Rights that belonged to all humans from birth.
  7. Describe the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes.
    People were naturally cruel, greedy and selfish. They needed to be contolled. People signed a social contract where they agreed to live orderly.
  8. How did the Englightenment impact the newly formed American government.
    Montesquie came up with the seperation of powers idea where they is a executive, judicial and legislative branch.
  9. Where were Frederick the Great, Maria Theresea and Joseph II considered enlightened despots?
    They supported the arts and education. They were absolute rulers though.
  10. Describe democracy
    A government in which people hold ruling power
  11. Describe an Absolute Monarcy
    A government in which there is a ruler with complete authoirty over the government and lives of the peole he or she governs.
  12. Define Freedom of Speech.
    The ability to say whatever one thinks.
  13. What was the most radical desire of women during the Enlightenment?
    Equal education for women so that way they could be on the same social standards as men.
  14. Explain the meaning and implications on the Englightenment.
    The era where people used reason to improve the society.
  15. Name leaders who embraced the principals of the Enlightenment.
    Frederick the Great, Catherine the Great and Joseph II.
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