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  1. List Permanent members of the United Nations.
    BF CAR Britain, France, China, America, Russia
  2. How did the U.S. stop the spread of communism after WWII?
    They rejected Stalins view with the Truman Doctrine
  3. Define the Iron Curtain
    The political difference between Eastern Europe and the western world. Eastern Eruope was communist like Russia.
  4. Who controlled most of Eastern Europe after WWII?
  5. Explain Americas primary goal with regard to foreign policy during the Cold War.
    Contain Communism in Eastern Europe so it would fail.
  6. What was the importance of Berlin?
    It was the city that needed to be captured to end the war.
  7. What was the importance of Normandy?
    It was the main turning point battle when the U.S. invade German occupied France and freed France.
  8. What was the importance of Sarajevo and Yugoslavia?
    There was a genocide going on there.
  9. What was the importance of Stalingrad?
    It was the first major German offense defeat.
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