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  1. Define Imperialsim.
    Establishing control over foreign lands and peoples.
  2. Define Militarism.
    glorifcation of the military.
  3. Define Alliance.
    Formal agreement between 2 or more nations or power to cooperate and come to one anothers defense.
  4. Define Armistice.
    Agreemtn to end fighting in a war
  5. Define Propaganda.
    The spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause.
  6. Define Reparations.
    Payments for war damages or damages caused by imprisonment.
  7. Define Neutrality.
    Policy of supporting neither side in war.
  8. Who were the central powers?
    Germany and Austria-Hungary.
  9. Who were the Allied Powers?
    America, France, Russia, Britain, Serbia, Belgium.
  10. What were teh causes of Worl War I?
    • Agressive nationalism
    • Pan-Slavism in Eastern Europe
    • Ambitious small countries
  11. What event started World War I?
    The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.
  12. Why did the U.S. enter the war?
    • German subs attacking U.S. passengar ships.
    • Germany wanted to help Mexico take over America.
  13. What was the turning point in WWI?
    The United States declaring war on Germany.
  14. What were the results of the Treaty of Versailles?
    • 1. Germany took blame for the war
    • 2.Had to pay reparations of $30 billion
    • 3. Gave Alsace and Lorraine to France
    • 4. limited army
    • 5. took away over sea colonies
    • 6. demilitarized Rhineland
  15. What were the Fourteen points and who created it?
    • Woodrow Wilson. Points for peace that included:
    • 1. freedom os the seas
    • 2. free trade
    • 3. large scale military reductions
    • 4. end to secret treaties
  16. What position did America take at the start of WWI?
  17. How did Imperialism play a part in WWI?
    France and Germany fought over Morocco.
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