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  1. Define Fascism.
    Authoritarian government that is not communist. Intense nationalism.
  2. Define Totalitarianism.
    Government in which a one-party dictatorship.
  3. Define League of Nations.
    Ineffective way to help countries solve their issues.
  4. Define Aggressor.
    Attacking other countries for fun.
  5. Define Appeasement.
    The policy of giving into an aggressors demands in order to keep the peace.
  6. How did Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini create totalitarian states in their respective countires?
    Hitler and Mussolini were elected and kept power by starting a facist party. Stalin stayed in power by focusing on fixing internal Russia instead of spreading Communism.
  7. How did Hitler violate the Versailles Treaty?
    He increased militarism and sent troops into Rhineland.
  8. What took place during the early stages of WWII?
    The phony war where people only appeased Hitler.
  9. What was the major turning points in WWII?
    America joining the war
  10. Name battles that were included in the turning point of WWII?
    Stalingrad, D-Day/Normandy and the Invasion of Italy through Africa.
  11. How did the European wars end?
    America invaded Italy through Africa and the Russians invaded Germany from the EAst.
  12. How did the Pacific wars end?
  13. How did the Cold War begin?
    When America bombed Japan and Russia got mad that they did not know we had the bomb.
  14. How did the US and USSR compete with one another without going to war?
    A race to increase militarism and for a nuclear weapon.
  15. Why did ?Communism fall in the Soviet Union?
    It couldn't kee up with the military spending of America.
  16. What happened in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s?
    Genocide by Milosvick.
  17. How did Hitler affect young German lives?
    Hitler indocrinated them with Nazi ideology through speeches about racism. They pledged absolute loyalty to Germany and undertook physical fitness to prepare for war.
  18. When and what was the event that started WWII?
    Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939.
  19. Who were teh Axis powers?
    Germany, Italy and Japan.
  20. How did the leader world powers react when Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles?
    They appeased him.
  21. Describe the first three years of WWII with regard to Hitler and the Allies military tactics and outcome.
    • 1.Hitler announces non-agression pact with Russia.
    • 2.Hitler uses Blitzkrieg against Norway and Denmark
    • 3.France falls to the Germans
    • 4.Allied power in Britain dont' fall to Hitlers attacks
    • 5.Hitler attacks Russia but fails
  22. How did the Soviet Union respond to Hitler starting a war in 1939?
    They agreed not to attack Germany but insited they get one half of Poland if they helped to invade.
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