Mod D Unit 1 Theory Test Review

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  1. DA stool has two things not on the operator's stool
    foot rest and abdomen bar
  2. mixes dental material
  3. what are the floors in the clinical and lab area made of
  4. what area does not require privacy
  5. where is treatment performed
    dental operatory
  6. according to osha, the sterilization area has two sides
    contaminated and sterile
  7. proper reception area has:
    d all of the above
  8. used to control handpieces
    rheostat aka foot pedal
  9. oral evacuation traps should be changed
  10. where do you make bleaching trays and pour models
    dental lab
  11. do not do in an upright position
    composites and restorations
  12. dental chair supports what part of the head/neck
    occipital and cervical
  13. offices should have a brief meeting
    every morning before patients arrive
  14. treatment room checklist
    patient record, xray, and lab case
  15. how should you make your patient feel comfortable
    initiate conversation with them
  16. instruments that are hinged
    working end in your palm, handle to the dentist palm
  17. know the definition for direct supervision
    when the dentist in on site
  18. know the definition for indirect vision
    using a mouth mirror to see
  19. grasp instruments
  20. both b & c handle and opposing working end
  21. transfer zone
    where dental materials are exchanged
  22. mouth mirror used intraorally
    held parallel to the tooth
  23. know what a fulcrum is
    finger rest
  24. right handed dentist, pass with your
    left hand
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