Medieval Architecture II

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  1. Which of the following features were applicable to English Gothic cathedrals?
    The appendages of the cathedral were usually square, which made them easier to add on to, the open site facilitated the expansion of the plan, earlier cathedrals followed french models but later cathedrals developed a distinct character.
  2. The principal difference between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals was that
    one was solid and ponderous whereas the other was lightweight and skeletal.
  3. all of the following are true concerning the french gothic EXCEPT
    the nave was lower than the English and Italian gothic.
  4. match:
    st. denis
    notre dame
    ste. chapelle
    • first early gothic
    • second early gothic
    • high gothic
    • rayonnant
  5. Which of the following characteristics were NOT typical of the Italian Gothic.
    tall, skeletal interiors.
  6. All of the following are true concerning the Romanesque in Italy EXCEPT
    The Romanasque style was essentially uniform throughout Italy.
  7. Match:
    arcade - clearstory
    arcade - gallery - clearstory (sexpartite vaulting)
    arcade - triforium - clearstory) quadripartite vaulting)
    arcade - gallery - triforium - clearstory (sexpartite vaulting)
    • Rayonnant
    • First Early Gothic
    • High Gothic
    • Second Early Gothic
  8. All of the following are true concerning the Late Gothic Extravagant (Flamboyant) style EXCEPT
    The style is uniquely French - in its origins and popularity.
  9. Match:
    Chartres Cathedral
    Cologne Cathedral
    Florence Cathedral
    Salisbury Cathedral
    • dissimilar western towers
    • largest church in northern Europe
    • colored marble paneling
    • tallest spire in England
  10. All of the following are true concerning Romanesque and Gothic architecture EXCEPT
    The round arch of the Romanesque exerted less thrust than the Gothic pointed arch, thus allowing the Romanesque church to reach greater heights.
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