Renaissance Architecture

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  1. Which of the following regarding Humanist philosophy of the Renaissance is FALSE
    Ultimate truth was found in the church and the authority of the bible.
  2. Which of the following concerning Renaissance churches is FALSE
    The council of Trent preferred the central plan because it worked well for ceremonial functions.
  3. Match:
    The Gesu
    Dome of the Florence Cathedral
    The Tempietto
    Ricetto, Laurentian Library at S. Lorenzo
    Vignola, Brunelleschi, Bramante, Michelangelo
  4. The importance of the architect Andrea Palladio was
    generated by his published works, where were even more influential than his buildings.
  5. Which of the following concerning Renaissance palace architecture is FALSE
    Anti-materialism during the Renaissance made large, ostentatious homes politically incorrect.
  6. Which of the following features were generally employed by the early Renaissance architects
    semi-circular vault, dome on pendentives, classical Roman orders
  7. Which of the following concerning the Northern Renaissance is FALSE?
    The Renaissance in France, Spain and Italy evolved simultaneously.
  8. Match:
    • High Renaissance
    • Late Renaissance and the Counter Reformation
    • Late Renaissance and Mannerism
    • Early Renaissance
  9. Concerning the dome of the Florence Cathedral, which of the following statements is FALSE?
    It was supported on the exterior by flying buttresses shaped like scrolls.
  10. The spirit of the Renaissance included
    an enthusiasm for classical culture, a new awareness of the individual, a more worldly point of view.

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Renaissance Architecture
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Renaissance Architecture
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