18th & 19th Century architecture

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  1. The architectural predicament of the 19th century included all but which of the following:
    Architects debated whether tall buildings that took up less valuable land were preferable over shorter buildings that spread over the land.
  2. Which statement is FALSE concerning the architecture of technology?
    In 19th century, the use of high-technology materials and methods had always been acceptable for all building types from utilitarian to religious structures.
  3. Which of the following is FALSE concerning the rise of Neoclassicism in the United States:
    The Georgian style continued immensely popular after the Revolution.
  4. Although 19th century architecture is best known for its high-technology structures, all of the following conventional buildings styles were also popular during the century EXCEPT?
    Greek Deconstructivism
  5. Which of the following is FALSE concerning the French Neoclassical style?
    Buildings tended to be less severe in their cubic geometry and full of accents of relief sculpture.
  6. All of the following are architecture's response to the Industrial Revolution EXCEPT?
    The industrial Revolution decreased the middle class thus the production of aristocratic residences surpassed the mass-produced middle class residence.
  7. Differences between the Victorian Gothic & Beaux-Arts styles included all but which of the following?
    The best French architects rarely equaled that of the mediocre English counterpart.
  8. All of the following are true concerning the 18th Century Gothic Revival EXCEPT?
    The English still did not realize that the Gothic style originated in 12th century France!
  9. All of the following are true concerning the Neoclassical architecture EXCEPT?
    The study of Greek classical architecture continued to be ignored in favor of Roman architecture.
  10. Which of the following concerning International Neoclassicism is FALSE?
    Italy embraced the Neoclassic style because it had abundant sources of the classical past and the culture of the Renaissance was over.
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