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  1. How amany Christian Brothers institutions?
  2. What are the Christian Brothers institutions?
    • Manhattan College
    • St. Mary's University of Minneosota
    • Christian Brothers University
    • Lewis University
    • College of Santa Fe
    • St. Mary's College
    • La Salle University
  3. When was La Salle first chartered?
  4. What was the first building constructed at La Salle and what year?
    • College Hall
    • 1929
  5. Administration Building
    • First floor: bursar's office
    • Second floor: Admissions and Student Financial Services
    • Third Floor: Registrar
    • Fourth Floor: Career services
  6. Why was Holroyd created?
    so there would be plenty of open areas for students to work collaboratively together and with faculty
  7. Explain Holroyd.
    • Every Wednesday at 3: Explorer Cafe
    • Named for a former science faculty member who taught here over 50 years ago.
    • For use in the building are nuclear MRI spectroscopes, lasers, microscopes, instruments that measure earthquakes, etc. 
    • Department Chair: Dr. Price actually developed a compound that may result in a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer called LS-5 after La Salle.
  8. Explain dorms
    nearly 25% live in Neumann, 55% live in the 8 dorms of North Halls, 20% live in St. Basils or Edwards and Francis
  9. Resident life
    • 65% resident
    • 12 resident halls
    • 2 apt. complexes
    • one townhouse complex
    • Housing based on a point system where student earn points through credit hours, lviing on campus, and doing campus activities and makign the Deans list
    • no "single grade" buildings; its mixed
    • Apt. Complexes: 3 and 4 person apts
  10. Communication Majors
    • program has produced more than 9 Emmy winners
    • internships have been with Eagles, at Cleveland Browns video department, CBS sports, Comcast, ESPN, CNN, and MTV
  11. Chapel
    6:30 every Sunday night and other times during hte week
  12. College Hall
    • Business majors and minors
    • Honor Society: Beta Gamma Sigma is a "gold" chapter, making it the toop chapter worldwide/ 
    • Only the top 7% junior class and 10% senior class are inducted
  13. Explain library.
    • Get increasingly quieter as you go up. Several computers
    • Hours expand during finals.
  14. School of Nursing
    • 4 yr Bachelor programs and 5 year masters' programs in Speech-Language-Hearing
    • For two years in a row, 100% of the MS graduates in Speech-Language Pathology have passed the NESPA (national examination in speech-language pathology)
  15. Wister Hall
    • started out as La Salle Academy (HS) and became bookstore and classes
    • There is an underground heating duct and tunnel that connects the Brothers' residence to Wister
    • PC Lab
  16. Activities fair
    every yr within the first week of school, there is an activities fair on the union patio where you can sign up for interests and get more info and involved
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