US history final

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  1. Land, money, or clothes given to indentured servants upon their completion of duties
    freedom dues
  2. communities formed by African Americans who wanted freedom and fled with the British after the American victory at Yorktown
    expatriate communities
  3. the term used to describe the relationship between Britain and the colonies for most of the Colonial period
    salutary neglect
  4. westward boundary beyond which the British were prohibited, caused a lot of conflicts, left colonists feeling disconnected
    proclamation line of 1763
  5. states obligated to return slaves to master
    3/5 compromise
  6. compromise of 1820 (3)
    • - crafted by Henry Clay
    • - Missouri entered as a free state
    • - all states north of the compromise line were to be free
  7. an opposition to immigration by the citizens living in the country, distrusted foreigner
  8. compromise of 1850 (5)
    • - California admitted as a free state
    • - Texas and New Mexico settled border dispute
    • - Slave trade entered Washington DC
    • - Other territories acquitted from New Mexico would be slave states
    • - Strong fugitive slave law
  9. nickname given to Kansas after violence erupted between anti-slavery and pro-slavery groups
    bleeding kansas
  10. a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that African Americans were not part U.S. citizens, that the Missouri Compromise's restriction on slavery was unconstitutional, and that Congress did not have the right to ban slavery as any federal territory
    Dred Scott Decision 
  11. an agency established by Congress in 1865 to help poor people throughout the south
    freedman's bureau 
  12. amnesty (4)
    • - abolished 10% loyalty oath
    • - abolish slavery
    • - repudiate debts incurred during the war
    • - ratify the 13th amendment 
  13. northerners who moved south to help with reconstruction
  14. southern republicans who agreed with reconstruction
  15. affirmed state and national citizenship for African-American men, guaranteed due process and equal protection under Iraq
    14th amendment 
  16. allowed voters to put a proposed law on the ballot for public approval 
  17. allowed citizens to place a recently passed law on the ballot, allowing voters to approve or reject the measure
  18. enabled citizens to remove an elected official from office by calling for a special election
  19. part of the "second" new deal; advocated by Frances Perkins, assisted the elderly, disabled, and women with dependent children
    Social Security Act
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