Parasitology lab: Nematodes 2: 1-35

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  1. Dirofilaria immitis larvae (microfilaria)

    Direct smear slide
  2. Large strongyles 

    Mucosa of large intestines illustrating natural infection of adult blood sucking
  3. Strongyle egg in fecal float
  4. Infective larvae (L3 stage) of strongyles
  5. Yearling horse in poor condition as result of chronic infections of parasites and malnutrition
  6. Left to right: Ascarids, large strongyles, small strongyles, pin worms and tapeworms comparing size and gross morphology
  7. Strongylus vulgaris

    Aneurysm of cranial mesenteric artery
  8. S. vulgaris larvae (L3 infective stage)

    Hemorrhagic inflammation and necrosis of cecum and ventral colon of a foal
  9. Strongylus edentatus 

    Enlargement of cecal veins and perivascular tissues via the portal circulation to the liver
  10. Parascaris equorum 

    Small intestines which have perforated wall of mesenteric attachment
  11. Oxyuris equi 

    Common "pinworm" in horse
  12. Oxyuris equi

    "Pinworm" Horse
  13. Parascaris equorum 

  14. Ascarid egg in a fecal flotation preparation
  15. Gasterophilus intestinalis 

    "Common bot" on the hairs of the forelimb at the knee
  16. Upper molars of a horse illustrating periodontal ulcers containign 1st and 2nd stages of Gasterophilus sp.
  17. Second stage of Gasterophilus intestinalis "Common bot" at base of tongue
  18. Dictyocaulus arnfieldi 

    Lungworms in trachea of horse
  19. Onchocerca cervicalis

    Skin lesion in naval area 

  20. Onchocerca cervicalis 

    Segments of ligamentum nuchae
  21. Draschia megastoma and Habronema muscae 

    Specimens of stomach worms from horse
  22. Draschia megastoma 

    Stomach wall of a horse
  23. Draschia megastoma 

    In stomach wall of a horse
  24. Cutaneous habronemiasis (summer sores) affecting penile sheath of a stallion
  25. Cutaneous habronemiasis (summer sores) with lesions at the orifice of urethra
  26. Trichostrongylus axei

    "Minute stomach worm"
  27. Trichostrongylus axei

    "Minute stomach worm"
  28. Thelazia lacrymalis 

    Eyeworm on the eye of a horse along the border of the nicitanation membrane
  29. Strongyloides westeri 

  30. Weanling foal exhibiting typical stance of piperazine toxicosis syndrome
  31. Helminth

  32. Beef cattle showing signs of clinical parasitism as reflected in diarrhea and poor condition
  33. Calf with ostertagiasis

    Note: Bottle jaw, emaciation and diarrhea
  34. Dissection of lungs is helpful post-mortem to diagnose lungworms.
  35. Dictyocaulus viviparous 

    In the air passages

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