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  1. most common complication of bronchiectasis?
  2. adjustement disorder?
    maladaptive pattern of behavior in response to a stressor ..must occur within 3 months of the event and end withing 6 months
  3. physicail symptoms of pcp use?
    • nystagmus
    • ataxia
    • autonomic instability
    • muscle rigidity
    • seizures
  4. contraindications to vaginal delivery?
    • p. previa
    • breech presentation
    • prior c section
  5. hpv causes what type of histological tumor in the cervix and vagina?

    des causes what?
    squamous cell

    adenocarcinoma of vagina nd some cervix
  6. how is the uterus in abruptio placenta?
    placenta previa?
    • tender
    • hyperactive

    p.previa--not tender or hyperactive
  7. most accurate test for pcv?
    jak2 mutation
  8. headache, dizziness, nausea, exposure to co?
  9. enzyme deficiency in lesh-nyhan syndrome?
  10. alcohol abuse causes anema due to def of what?
  11. how is taysachs different from nieman picks?
    nieman picks has hepatomegaly
  12. most important step in managing diabetic foot ulcers?
    surgical debridement
  13. most common cause of death in dialysis patients?
    cardiovascular causes
  14. most common complication after treatement for hodking disease?
    secondary malignancy years after
  15. rx for opiod withdrawal?
  16. high blood pressure, headaches, epistaxis ina young person, dx?
    coarctation of aota
  17. signs of left ventricular hypertrophy?
    • high qrs
    • downsloping st segment depression
    • t wave inversion in lateral v5-v6 leads
  18. when are bb contraindicated in mi?
    cocaine induced ischemia

    pulmonary edema with mi
  19. who should get pcv?
    all adults over 65

    under 65 if they have chronic, lung, heart, renal or metabolic disorders/immunodeficiency
  20. management of pulmonary edema in mi or heart failure?
    • Loops
    • morphine
    • Nitrates
    • O
    • Pressors/positioning
  21. do limb jerks occur in syncope?
    yes if there is marked hypoxia
  22. a patient with chronic liver disease or hep c needs what?
    hep b and hep a vaccinations
  23. what causes umbilical hernia?
    • hypothyroid
    • mucopolysacharidoses
  24. what are the potential causes of a urine dipstick + for blood?
    • rbc
    • hemoglobin
    • myoglobin
  25. 3 types of osteomalacia/rickets?
    • vit d deficient--- low vit d
    • vit d dependent---mutated vit D
    • x linked hypophosphatemic rickets--renal wasting of phosphate
  26. when do you treat pac?
    only when symptomatic

  27. next step in evaluation of a spontaneous abortion?
    transvaginal sonogram
  28. rx for missed abortion?

    D and C
  29. infant with thyrotoxicosis after mother had graves and was treated, cause?
    tsh stimulating antibodies
  30. what kind of morphology is produced by drugs on the liver?
    • all
    • cholestatisis
    • fatty liver
    • granulomatous
    • hepatitis
    • fulminant
  31. significant htn with hyperparathyrodism suggests what?
  32. when would you screen for ovarian tumors?
    if there is a positive BRCA gene
  33. rx for cat, human, dog bites?
    amoxacillin/clavulanic acid
  34. best initial test for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria?
    most accurate?
    sugar water test

    most accurate is cd 55 and cd 59 typing
  35. difference between steven johnson syndrome and ten?
    • steven johnson <10% of the body is involved
    • ten>30% of the body is involved
  36. screening test for MEn IIa and IIB?
    ret protooncogene
  37. mobile mass in the soft palate that is asymptomatic, next step?
    nothing unless it produces symptoms
  38. term for a response that veers away from the topic but comes back?
  39. patient on warfarin with subtheruapuetic inr and propagating clot, next step?
    bridge heparin therapy to warfarin
  40. when doyou use tpa for pe?
    if there is cardiovascular instability
  41. colonoscopy indications with high risk villous polyps?
    3-5 years
  42. criteria for oxygen in copd?
    • sao2--88
    • pao2--55
    • erythrocytosis
    • cor pulmonarle
  43. when is electrical cardioversion performed in afib?
    if the patient is unstable
  44. erysipeloid affects what?
    hands and feet

    anything and it has distinct borders
  45. when do you culture urine in cystitis
    if it is complicated--pregnancy, very young very old, frequent, not responsive to therapy or anatomical defect exists
  46. pain in the thumb in a woman in hte post partum period?
    dequearvian  tenosynovitis
  47. actininic keratosis vs seborheaic keatosis
    actinic--sandpaper like texture

    seborheic--glued on appearance
  48. next step in hydrothorax from portal htn?
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