Chapter II merchant ship construction

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  1. 3 main factors affecting ships function
    • area of operation
    • cargo caried
    • construction & materials used
  2. 3 main factors affecting design
    • area of trade
    • climatic extremes
    • cruising range
  3. 3 Principal cargo carrying types
    • general cargo
    • tanker
    • passenger
  4. 3 principal types of construction
    • transverse (general cargo)
    • longitudinal (tankers)
    • combined (general cargo, tankers)
  5. capable of remaining afloat in all weather conditions
  6. termed as "maid of all work" ; "go anywhere service"
    general cargo
  7. one or more separated decks fitted inside the cargo hold
    tween deck
  8. single deck vessels which transport single commodity cargoes (homogenous)
    bulk cariers
  9. carry bulk liquid cargoes
  10. size of containers
    8 by 8 x 20,30,40
  11. due to difference in weight and buoyancy
    static forces
  12. result from the ships motion in the sea and the action of wind and waves
    dynamic forces
  13. the net effect of 2 different forces (weight and buoyancy) in the structure that tend to bend it
    bending moment
  14. SWBM?
    still water bending moment
  15. where buoyancy amidships exceeds weight
  16. where weight amidships exceeds buoyancy
  17. Formula to know if the vessel is Hogging or Sagging
    If the mean draft is larger than the amidship draft HOGGING (vice versa for SAGGING)
  18. is somewhere below half the depth and a horizontal line drawn through the center of gravity of the ships section
    neutral axis in a ship
  19. ratio of I/y where y is measured to the extreme  edge of the section
    Section Modulus
  20. stresses that tend to distort the vessel when rolling
    Racking (RACK EN ROLL)
  21. slamming down of the forward region during heaving and pitching
    POUNDING (pounding = slamming)
  22. in and out movement of the shell plating
  23. these are cyclic stresses which could result in fatigue failure of structure
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