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  1. Empirical
    From experience. Social science is said to be empirical when knowledge is based on what we experience.
  2. Methodology
    The study of methods used to understand something; the science of finding out.
  3. Replication
    Repeating a research study to test the finding of an earlier study, often under slightly different conditions or a different group of subjects.
  4. Variables
    Logical groupings of attributes. The variable "gender" is made up of attributes "male" and "female"
  5. Aggregate
    Group of units - people, prisons, court rooms, or stolen autos.
  6. Attribute
    Characteristics of persons or things
  7. Deductive reasoning
    The logical model in which specific expectations of hypotheses are developed on the basis of general principles
  8. Dependent variable
    The variable assumed to depend on or be caused by another variable
  9. Idiographic
    Relating to a mode of causal reasoning that seeks detailed understanding of all factors that contribute to a particular phenomenon.
  10. Independent Variable
    Presumed to cause or determine a dependent variable
  11. Inductive Reasoning
    The logical model in which general principles are developed from specific observations.
  12. Nomothetic
    A mode of causal reasoning that tries to explain a number of similar phenomena or situations
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