PSYCH 2300

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  1. z-Score
    Specifies the precise location of each X-value within a distribution. The sign of the z-score (+ or -) signifies whether the score is above the mean (positive) or below(negative). The numerical value of the z-score specifies the distance from the mean by counting the number of the standard deviations between X and Image Upload
  2. Raw Score
    A score by itself does not necessarily provide much information about its position within a distribution. these original, unchanged scores that are the direct result of measurement are often called raw scores. to make raw scores more meaningful, they are often transformed into new values that contain more information. this transformation is one purpose for z-scores
  3. z-score formula
    Image Upload
  4. Deviation Score
    • Image Upload; it measures the distance in points between X and Image Upload
    • It indicates whether X is located above or below the mean
  5. z-score transformation
    The entire distribution of X values are transformed into a distribution of z-scores. The new distribution of z-scores has characteristics that make the z-score transformation a very useful tool
  6. Standardized Distribution
    Is composed of scores that have been transformed to create predetermined values for Image Upload  and Image Upload. Standardized distributions are used to make dissimilar distributions comparable.
  7. Standardized Score
    Image Upload
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z-Scores: Location of Scores and Standardized Distributions
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