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  1. what happens to the ventricles in schizophrenia?
    they increase and everything else decreases as a result
  2. presentation of massive pe?
    • cardiogenic shock--- leading to syncope
    • rbbb
    • jvd
  3. what are the manifestations in terms of glucocorticoids and androgens in the 3 forms of cah?
    • in 11 ---excess androgen and glucocorticoid
    • 17--excess glucocorticoids
    • in 21--excess androgen and low glucocorticoid
  4. when do you intubate burn victims?
    • any signs of burn in the face/oropharynx
    • confinement in a burning building
    • caboxyhemoglobin >10%
  5. when suspecting lichen sclerosis, next step in managmeent if unsure?
  6. /any kind of lichen of vulva, rx?
  7. rx for impetigo, that is not severe?
    topical muciprocin or oral erythromycin

    severe--cephalexin, methicillins
  8. types of injureis possible with a fall on outstretched hand?
    • rotator cuff tear
    • surgical neck of femur fracture
  9. increased incidence of oxalate kidney stones occur in what two conidtions?
    ethylene glycol consumption

    fat malabsortption syndromes--celiac sprue, tropical sprue, chronic pancreatitis
  10. difference on labs between iron defi anemia and thalassemia?
    iron def--htc<30, rdw is increased

    thalasemias--hct>30 and rdw is normal
  11. rx for alpha and beta thalasemia minor?
    nothing, observe
  12. most common cause of death in mi?
    renetry arrhythmiawh
  13. what is the problem with bone in the following?
    • decreased mineratlization of bone and cartilage
    • decreased mineralization of bone
    • normal mineralization of bone but low bone mass
  14. toxcitiy of theophyliline/>
    • everything is fast
    • cns--seizures,
    • heart--arhythmia
    • gi--nausea, diarrhea
  15. what pathology of gi is out of proportion to the physical?
    ischemia to the colon
  16. factors taht exacerbate menieres disease?
    • salt
    • caffeine
    • alcohol
    • nicotine
  17. gait of parkinsons?
    hypokinetic and shuffling gait
  18. two causes of liver cysts?
    amoebic--entamoeba histolytica---diarhea

    hydatid---echinoccocus from dogs
  19. when is estrogen used for stress incontinence?>
    in post menopausal women
  20. veisourethral reflux eventaully leads to ?
    chronic pyelonephritis
  21. reactive arthritis(reiter's) is seen secondary to what?
    • chlamydial infection
    • ¬†or campylobacter infection
  22. how to tell if hypercalcemia is from a primary hyperparathryoid adenoma or malignancy?
    malignancy has very high ca >12.5
  23. milk alkali syndrome?
    • hypercalcemia
    • metabolic alkalosis
    • renal failure
  24. risk factors for pancreatic cnacerS?
    • smoking
    • chronic pancreatitis
    • high fat die
    • obesity
    • family history
  25. amarosis fugax?
    painless loss of vision from emboli
  26. target cells?
    hein bodies?
    • thalasemia
    • g6pd
    • hereditary spherocytosis
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