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  1. maguro*
  2. hamachi*
  3. hirame*
  4. tai*
    red snapper
  5. sake toro*
    fatty salmon
  6. sake*
  7. bincho*
    albacore tuna
  8. saba*
  9. botan ebi*
    sweet shrimp
  10. ebi
  11. tamago
  12. hokki gai*
    surf clam
  13. unagi
    fresh water eel
  14. anago
    sea water eel
  15. uni*
    sea urchin
  16. ikura*
    salmon roe
  17. tobiko*
    flying fish roe
  18. masago*
    smelt roe
  19. kani
    imitiation crab
  20. suzuki*
    sea bass
  21. ika*
  22. tako*
  23. escolar*
    super white tuna
  24. Tokyo House rolls:
    cumcumber roll
  25. Tokyo House Rolls:
    tuna roll*
    fresh tuna
  26. Tokyo house rolls:
    salmon roll*
    Fresh salmon
  27. Tokyo house rolls:
    california roll
    kani,cucumber, avacado
  28. Tokyo house rolls:
    spicy tuna roll*
    tuna, av. spicy mayo
  29. Tokyo house rolls:
    spicy salmon roll*
    salmon, av. spicy mayo
  30. Tokyo house rolls:
    spicy yellowtail roll*
    yellowtail, av., spicy mayo
  31. Tokyo house rolls:
    spicy ebi roll
    shrimp, av., spicy mayo
  32. Tokyo house rolls:
    spicy crab roll
    crab, av. , spicy mayo
  33. Tokyo house rolls:
    salmon skin roll
    grilled salmon skin, cuc., av.
  34. Tokyo house rolls:
    futo maki
    kani ( imitiation crab), tamago(egg), cuc., av., kanpyo and yamagobo
  35. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Texas Roll
    smoked salmon, cream cheese, cuc, av,jal, chili powder
  36. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Alaska Roll*
    fresh salmon, cuc, av, topped with tobiko(flying fish roe)
  37. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Philly roll
    smoked salmon, cream cheese, av, cuc
  38. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    caterpillar roll
    unagi(fresh water eel),cuc, topped with avacado
  39. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Round Rock Roll
    snow crab, shrimp, cuc, and topped with kani, sprouts, and spicy mayo
  40. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    rainbow roll*
    cali roll topped with av and assorted sashimi
  41. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Dragon roll
    cali roll topped with av, and unagi (fresh water eel)
  42. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    spider roll*
    soft shell crab tempura (fried), av, cuc, masago (smelt roe)
  43. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    tiger eye roll
    tempura smoked salmon, jal, cream cheese, in a soybean wrap
  44. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    shrimp tempura roll*
    shrimp tempura, av, cuc, masago(smelt roe), eel sauce
  45. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    orange roll*
    yellowtail,tuna, salmon, orange sauce in soybean wrap
  46. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    crunchy roll*
    salmon, white fish, deep fried then topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce
  47. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    volcano roll
    shrimp tempura,av,topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes
  48. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Lion king roll
    kani,av,cuc, topped with salmon, spicy mayo and baked
  49. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    strawberry passion roll*
    unagi(fresh water eel), asparagus, av, and topped with escolar ( super white tuna), strawberry, garlic chips, and cilantro sauce
  50. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Dancing Eel Roll
    unagi (fresh water eel), kani, cream cheese, av,cuc, deep fried and eel sauce
  51. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Panko Roll*
    spicy crab, shrimp, spicy tuna, carrott,panko bread, deepfried and miso sauce
  52. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Dynamite Roll*

    4 kinds of fish,and cuc inside, spicy crab on top, dynamite sauce

  53. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    New Orleans Roll
    crawfish, jal, cuc, av,topped with kani and cajun sauce
  54. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    hawaii roll*
    tuna, yellowtail, pineapple,cuc, topped with salmon and mango sauce
  55. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Charlotte roll*
    tempura escolar (super white tuna), kani, oba, topped with salmon, av, wasabi mayo, miso sauce and tempura flakes
  56. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    sakura Roll*
    3 kinds of fish,cuc, and topped with tobiko(flying fish roe)
  57. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    nietzsche Roll
    spicy shrimp, av, soy bean wrap, topped with unagi (fresh water eel) , eel sauce
  58. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    van gogh roll
    spicy shrimp, av, topped with masago(smelt roe), and squid, then baked
  59. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    landmark roll*
    kani, cuc, av, topped with escolar(super white tuna),bonito flakes and spicy mayo, then baked.
  60. Tokyo Specialty Rolls:
    Tokyo Deluxe*
    yellowtail,jal,asparagus, and topped with yellowtail, jal, and dueling sauce
  61. sushi
    just the fish
  62. sashimi
    fish over rice
  63. Happy Hour Drinks
    • $2 domestic beer
    • $4 house red & white
    • $2 hot sake
    • $3 kirin ichiban or light
  64. Happy Hour Appetizers
    • $2 edamame
    • $4 gyoza
    • $4 shrimp tempura
    • $3 sweet potato tempura
    • $5 wasabi shrimp cocktail
    • $7 beef sashimi
  65. Lunch Japanese Donburi:
    vegetable Tendon
    vegetable tempura, served over rice
  66. Lunch Japanese Donburi:
    shrimp and veg. tempura served over rice
  67. Lunch Japanese Donburi:
    fresh water eel, served over rice
  68. Lunch Japanese Donburi:
    Bara Chirashi
    assorted fish, served over rice

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