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  1. what is a wave
    disturbance(vibration) that travels through a medium (substance).
  2. When a wave isn't traveling what state is it in.
  3. Once a particle moves at the front, the energy of that particle will
    __________ throughout the slinky to the other end. That creates a
    travel, wave
  4. Wave transfer ____________ and not __________
    transfer waves and not particles
  5. Describe transverse waves
    • particles move up and down to the direction of energy transfer
    • particles move up and down but energy is transferred left to right
  6. Describe longitudinal wave
    • particles move parallel to the direction of energy transfer
    • particles move left to right, energy transferred particles move left and right, energy transferred left to right
  7. What can electromagnetic waves do and a example 
    • can transfer through energy in a vacuum
    • Ex: Light waves
  8. what can mechanical waves do and why
    • cannot transfer energy in a vacuum
    • Ex: sound waves
  9. Parts of transverse waves
    • crest(high point)
    • trough(low point)
  10. parts of longitudinal wave
    • compression(high pressure)
    • rarefaction (low pressure)
  11. define wavelength
    length of one cycle
  12. units for wavelength
    same as for distance. Meters- usually with a prefix like nano
  13. define amplitude
    displacement of particles from equilibrium position.
  14. Units of amplitude
    same as distance
  15. relationship between amplitude and soun
    increased amplitude means louder/more intense sound
  16. define frequency
    amount of water cycles that pass in a certain amount og time
  17. units for frequency
    hertz, Hz (cycles per second)
  18. relationship between frequency and pitch
    increased frequency means higher pitch
  19. define period
    the amount of time it takes for one complete cycle (wavelength)
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