Sanskrit Yoga Names

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    Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana
    • Revolved  Half Moon
    • Warm up: Hamstrings, simple balance poses
    • Prep: HalfMoon, revolved triangle
    • Modif: Top hnd on hip, lower hand on block
    • Action: Internal rotation, hip flexion
    • Counter pose: Uttanasana
    • Cues: Tadasana. Step feet apart. Turn right toes 90 deg. exhale push off w/ back FT shift weight onto R foot. place L hand on floor/block, naval in, rotate torso. push energy thru foot & Lift leg parallel. arms to t or hip.
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    Parivrtta Utthita Parsvakonasana
    • Revolved Side Angle Pose
    • Prep: Lateral angle, Revolved Triangle
    • Modi: Top and on hip, Lower hand to block
    • runners lunge, drop back knee, block inside leg.
    • Counter: Uttanasana
    • Action: Hip Flexion
    • Cues: Left foot back. square hips, exhale bend right knee into WI. hinge forward at th hip reach left hand to floor by right foot. abs in reach r hand over head
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    • Eagle Pose
    • Prep: Tree, Revolved Triangle, Utkatasana
    • Modi: Use wall, Do upper an lower half of pose separately. don't cross hands and feet completely. leave kick stand with foot.
    • Counter: Uttanasana
    • Action: internal rotation, hip flexion, adduction
    • Cues: shift weight on left foot. bend left leg, line knee over foot. Exhale, cross R leg over left knee-kick stand or hook R toes around left leg. check hip alignment.
    • Inhale arms to T. Exhale left arm over R at elbows
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    Urdhva Prasarita Ekapadasana
    Standing Splits
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    Hasta Padangustasana
    Standing Leg Extension
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    Monkey Pose / Splits
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    Side Splits
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    • Tree Pose
    • Prep: Baddha Konasana, Supta Padangustasana
    • Cue: Tadasana.
    • ☪Find equal balance over the feet. Back, front, side to side.
    • ☪Shift weight into right leg, lift left foot to ankle, shin or inside right thigh. Press right thigh into sole of left foot.
    • ☪ Inhale arms to Namaste or over head.
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