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  1. factors influencing biomes
    temperature and precipatation --> latitude, elevation, ocean currents
  2. climate
    average pattern of weather conditions in region
  3. biome
    large regions that have similar living and non-living factors, same climate, same plant types
  4. community
    all living things in ecosystem
  5. ecosystem
    part of biome different from other parts in abiotic and biotic factors (log, pond, forest)
  6. population
    number of same species in an area
  7. organism
    living thing
  8. species
    can reproduce with each other
  9. ecological heirarchy
    organism, population,community, ecosystem
  10. habitat
    place where specific a organism lives
  11. niche
    • role in environment, how it survives
    • all chemical, physical, biological interactions for it to survive, grow, reproduce
  12. competition
    harmful interaction between 2 or more organisms when they compete for same resources at same place, same time --> limits population sizes
  13. predation
    interaction, predator eats all or part of prey
  14. symbiosis
    • interaction between memboers of 2 different species that live together in a close association
    • mutualism, commensalism, parasitism
  15. mutualism
    both benefit
  16. commensalism
    one benefit, other unaffected/harmed
  17. parasitism
    one benefit, other harmed
  18. adaptations
    • characteristics that enable organisms to better survive and reproduce
    • structual
    • physiological
    • behavioral
  19. structual adaptation
    physical feature of body with specific function that attributes to survival of organism
  20. physiological adaptation
    physical/chemical event in body (photosynthesis, hibernation)
  21. behavioral adaptation
    what organism does in unique environment (feeds, mates, care for young, migrates, burrows to escape predators)
  22. biotic, abiotic
    living, non-living
  23. nutrients
    chemicals required for plant and animal growth (carbon, nitrogen, phosphurous)
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