Reptilian Medicine: Chelonian Diseases

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  1. Metabolic bone diease is an improper _ ratio
    calcium phosphorus
  2. What can cause metabolic bone disease?
    improper diet or lack of UV light
  3. When buying a UV light what band is best?
  4. c.s. metabolic bone dz
    • anorexia
    • deformed shell
    • frozen hinges leading to lack of movement
  5. tx metabolic bone dz
    diet correction + UV lamp
  6. c.s. hypovitaminosis A: CBNDE
    • conjunctivitis
    • blepharitis
    • nasal discharge
    • dyspnea
    • ear abscesses
  7. tx hypovitaminosis A
    parenteral vitamin A and diet correction
  8. What can happen in cases of a vitamin A toxicity?
    tissue sloughing
  9. What disease involves a zoonotic gram negative bacteria?
  10. in 1975 baby turtles were band from being sold if their shell was _ inches or less
  11. Salmonella is natural in the _ flora of aquatic turtles
  12. Most humans get salmonella from what?
    contaminated food
  13. What can cause loss of scutes?
    shell rot
  14. Wet shell rot is from:bacteria
  15. Dry shell rot is from:
    fungi or bacteria
  16. tx shell rot
    • debridement
    • antibiotics if systemic
  17. SCUD(severe shell rot) stands for
    septicemic cutaneous ulcerative deisease
  18. In shell cracks what can be used to fix them?
    • fiber glass
    • dental acrylic
    • orthopedic wiring/pinning
  19. Overgrown beaks are fixed with:
    dremel tool
  20. Bacterial respiratory dz is caused by what?
  21. Viral respiratory dz is caused by what?
  22. 2 other causes for respiratory dz
    • fungi
    • parasites
  23. Signs of respiratory dz: 2
    • stay at surface of water for air
    • change in buoyancy
  24. Gout
    deposition of uric acid
  25. Causes of (3)
    • kidney dz
    • dehydration
    • inc protein
  26. c.s. gout: LSA
    • lethargy
    • sollen joints
    • anorexia
  27. dx gout
    serum uric acid levels
  28. land main turtle waste
  29. aquatic main turtle waste
    • urea
    • ammonia
  30. 4 main GI complications: SPFE
    • stomatitis
    • parasites
    • FBO
    • enteritis
  31. dx GI problems :BRFE
    • bloodwork
    • radiographs
    • fecals
    • endoscopy
  32. 2 reproductive disorders
    • dystocia
    • cloacal and penile prolapse
  33. What problem is not clearly understood?
    aural abscesses
  34. Possible causes of aural abscesses
    • low vit A
    • anatomy(has skin over aural opening)

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