Shotgun Questions Day 4

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  1. If you encounter less than 1-G flight for more than 5 seconds but exceed no operating limits, what must you do prior to initiating any subsequent maneuvers?
    A: Recover to 1 G or greater flight for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  2. What power setting is used for entry into power-on stalls?  
    A: 30-60% torque
  3. What pitch setting is used for power-on stalls?
    A: 15-40 degrees nose high
  4. What bank angle is used for power-on stalls?
    A: 20-30 degrees in either direction
  5. When should you initiate recover from power-on stalls?
    A: When control effectiveness is lost (nose drops or an unplanned rolling motion takes place).
  6. When is recovery from traffic pattern stalls initiated?
    A: When you recognize an approach to stall indication (best approach to stall indications are stick shaker or natural aircraft buffet).
  7. What is your first indication of an approaching stall in the clean glide phase of a power-off ELP stall?
    A: the gear warning horn sounds (approximately 120 KIAS)
  8. What airspeed is slow flight flown at with LDG flaps?
    A: 80-85 KIAS
  9. What is the correct procedure to recover from inverted flight?
    A: roll in the shortest direction to a level flight attitude.
  10. With normal airspeed and the aircraft responding in a normal sense, what is the procedure for recovering from a nose-high attitude?
    A: Adjust power to MAX, initiate a coordinated roll with back pressure to bring the nose of the aircraft down to the nearest horizon (inverted attitude may be reached). As nose approaches horizon, roll to an upright attitude. 
  11. What is the duration of the emergency oxygen system supply?
    A: 10 minutes, or until seat/pilot separation.
  12. What two ways can the emergency oxygen system be activated?
    A: automatically during ejection, or by pulling the green ring while in the cockpit.
  13. What pressure is the emergency oxygen cylinder charged to normally?
    A: 1800 psi 
  14. What position should the ISS mode selector be placed during crew entry to and exit from the cockpit?
    A: Solo
  15. What is the minimum altitude AGL for controlled ejection?  
    A:  2000’; Uncontrolled?  A: 6000’
  16. What airspeed is recommended by the checklist for ejection?  
    A:  125-180
  17. What is the squawk for emergency?  
    A:  7700
  18. With the ISS in both, which seat will eject first?
    A:  Rear
  19. Does it matter who pulls the handle first?  
    A:  No
  20. On the SHEP I and II Departures, what altitude do you climb to?  
    A:  14,000’ MSL
  21. When on the departures what radial/dme must you use before continuing on to SHEP I or SHEP II Depts?  
    A:  030/09
  22. What is the squawk at Hacker?  
    A: 4000
  23. What is Bingo Fuel to return from Hacker?
    A: 400lbs
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