Shotgun Questions Day 5

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  1. During the Clean Glide portion of Power-Off ELP stalls, how do you recover upon hearing the gear warning horn?
    A: Lowering the pitch attitude slightly below the normal glide picture and reestablish the glide once airspeed reaches 125 KIAS.
  2. During the gear-down portions of Power-Off ELP stalls between simulated high key and runway, how do you recover once an approach to stall indication is noted?
    A: Maintain the turn and recover by lowering the pitch attitude to put the prop arc on the horizon until airspeed is reestablished at 120 KIAS.
  3. What are the two types of Emergency Landing Patterns?
    A: Forced landing & Precautionary emergency landing
  4. What is a suitable landing area for the purposes of an ELP?
    A: Hard surface runway, taxiway, underrun, or overrun.
  5. What is the target airspeed, altitude and configuration for Low Key in the T-6?
    A: 1500’ AGL, 120 KIAS, Gear down, Flaps TO (as required).
  6. What is your target airspeed, altitude, and configuration for Base Key in the T-6?
    A: 600-800’ AGL, 120 KIAS, Gear down, Flaps LDG (as required)
  7. During a precautionary emergency landing, what correction should be made when you recognize a low energy state?
    A: add power to correct for low energy
  8. During a forced landing, what correction should be made when you recognize a low energy state?
    A: Delay gear or flap extension, intercept ELP at some point other than high key, and/or adjusting the pattern or ground track.
  9. When trying to lose excess altitude following a high-altitude power loss, how many feet of altitude can you expect to lose with a 360 degree turn at 30 degrees of bank?
    A: 2000’
  10. During an ELP, what is the minimum airspeed on final prior to beginning the transition to landing?
    A: 110 KIAS
  11. What is the recommended minimum weather for a forced landing or precautionary emergency landing?
    A: 2000-foot ceiling, 3 miles visibility
  12. What alternative does 11-248 recommend for a PEL situation with weather below 2000-3?
    A: normal overhead or instrument approach, as dictated by the weather.
  13. Move the high key position into the wind how many feet for every 10 knots of wind?
    A: 1000 feet
  14. What power setting should you set for a PEL or practice ELP to simulate zero thrust?
    A: 4-6% torque.
  15. Where do you aim to touchdown on the runway during emergency landing patterns?
    A: 1/3 down the runway.
  16. The Dash-1 says not to set the boost pump and ignition switches to ON for what conditions?
    A: Engine malfunctions such as oil system, chip light, fire, or FOD.
  17. What should you do if the engine fails during a precautionary emergency landing?
    A: Transition to the Forced Landing.
  18. How does the Dash-1 depict the High Key position?
    A: 2500-3000’ AGL (recommended), 1/3rd point on runway
  19. What is the maximum allowable airspeed in the T-6?
    A: 316 KIAS/0.67 Mach
  20. What does the white triangle denote on the AOA indicator?
    A: Max range AOA (4.9 units)
  21. What is the operating maneuvering speed (Vo) for the T-6, and what is the significance of it? A: 227 KIAS:
    A: Speed above which full or abrupt control movement can result in structural damage to the aircraft.
  22. When must weight and balance be checked to determine that gross weight and CG limitations are not exceeded?
    A: Solo pilot weight (including gear) exceeds 260 pounds, combined crew weight exceeds 500 pounds (with gear), when overwing refueling is accomplished above 1100 pounds, or when baggage weight exceeds 10 pounds.
  23. What is the maximum rate of descent at touchdown?
    A: 780 feet per minute
  24. What are the oil pressure limitations?
    A: Normal 90-120 psi, Aerobatics/spins 40-130 psi, Aero/spins (IDLE) 15-40 psi (5 seconds).
  25. If you are in the MOA, who do you relay the #s to?
    A: SOF and RAPCON
  26. If you are in the Cooter’s pattern, who do you relay the #s to?
    A: Cooter only
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