Shotgun Questions Day 6

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  1. If outside Cooter’s pattern with an emergency what is the preferred recovery method?
    A: Straight in recovering to the center runway.
  2. If the intercom fails on the ground prior to takeoff what should you do?
    A: Return to parking for a spare.
  3. Intercom out signal for FCP to pull Emergency gear extension? A: Cycling of the landing gear handle and leaving it in the down position.
  4. 4. True or False: If a birdstrike occurs on the prop but does NOT penetrate the front windscreen it is permissible to continue the mission?
    A: F
  5. What signal is given to other crewmember to signal controlled ejection with an inoperative intercom?
    A: Display the pink pages then give AC a thumbs up when checklist complete
  6. What is the signal to be given for ejection with no intercom?
    A: 3 “Martin-Baker face curtain” signals
  7. The Reduction Gear Box reduces shaft output speed from ______ RPM to a propeller operating speed of ______ RPM.
    A: Over 30,000, 2,000
  8. What does a red CHIP annunciator indicate?
    A: Contaminated oil
  9. T or F: the RGB is mechanically connected to the gas generator section of the engine?
    A: F
  10. The propeller system is designed to maintain a constant speed of _____?
    A: 2000 RPM
  11. At 100% indicated torque, the engine is producing approx _____ foot pounds of torque at the prop shaft?
    A: 2900
  12. What are the three basic conditions of propeller pitch?
    A: Feathered, low pitch (flat or fine), and high pitch (coarse)
  13. Normally, propeller governing is automatically set by the ____ and ____.
    A: PMU and PIU
  14. If oil pressure is lost in the propeller system, what will the prop do?
    A: Feather
  15. Power for the feather dump solenoid valve is provided through which circuit breaker?
  16. During an auto start or normal operations with the ignition set to NORM, the ____ PMU will energize and de-energize the igniters as required.
    A: PMU
  17. What 781 symbol indicates that an unsatisfactory condition exists but is not sufficiently urgent or dangerous to warrant grounding the aircraft?
    A: Red diagonal ( / )
  18. What 781 symbol indicates that a required inspection has not been made or is overdue?
    A: Red dash ( -- )
  19. What do black initials in the status block of the 781H indicate?
    A: Discrepancy is corrected or there is nothing wrong
  20. What is the order of severity for the 781 symbols, beginning with the worst?
    A: X, -- , / , Initials
  21. How long is a preflight good for?
    A: 48 hours, or until the end of the day if the aircraft flies
  22. If you encounter complete electrical failure, fly over the RSU at _____ feet AGL and _____ KIAS.
    A: 500, 200
  23. When departing Hacker on runway 17 what altitude must you cross Hollister?
    A: 3300’ MSL
  24. What altitude must you remain at or below when crossing Hollister on arrival to Hacker 35?
    A: 2,800’ MSL
  25. What does a red light or flare from the RSU indicate?
    A: Do Not Land
  26. What actions should be taken if you are lost?
    A: Climb to optimum altitude, slow to maximum endurance, contact ATC and squawk 7700.

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