Oral cavity landmarks

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  1. define labial commissure
    the junction of the upper and lower lip
  2. define vermillion zone
    dark pink portion of upper and lower lips
  3. define philtrum
    vertical groove on the midline extending from nasal septum to tubercle
  4. define tubercle of upper lip
    thicker area on the midline of the upper lip where the philtrum terminates
  5. define central frenum
    this fold of mucous membrane connecting lip and tissue around the teeth
  6. define lateral frenum
    this fold of mucous membrane connecting cheek and tissue around the teeth
  7. define mandibular arch
    the curving structure formed by the lower teeth
  8. define maxillary arch
    the curving structure formed by the upper teeth
  9. define partodid papilla
    small elevation of tissue located on the buccal mucosa which saliva passes from gland to mouth
  10. define alveolar mucosa
    dark pink of red loosely attached mucous membrane found near the roots of teeth
  11. define attached gingiva
    light pink mucous membrane firmly attached to underlying bone  which surround teeth
  12. define free gingival groove
    scalloped depression between free gingiva and attached gingiva
  13. define interdental papilla
    normally V shaped extension of free gingiva and attached to gingiva
  14. define mucogingival line
    scalloped line between attached gingiva and alveolar mucosa
  15. define free gingiva
    extension of attached gingiva which overlaps the tooth
  16. Define palatine tonsils
    a large oval mass of lymphoid tissue in the lateral walls of the oral pharynx
  17. define anterior pillar
    arch of tissue extending from the soft palate to the tongue
  18. define posterior pillar
    arch of tissue extending from the soft palate to the pharynx
  19. define pterygomandibular fold
    fold of tissue extending on either side from the maxillary tuberosity area to the mandibular retromolar area
  20. define uvula
    a conical projection hanging from the posterior edge of the middle of the soft plate
  21. define retromolar pad
    a pad of tissue located distal to the last mandibular molar
  22. define hard palate
    roof of mouth
  23. define incisive papilla
    an oval projection of tissue located at the anterior edge of the palatine raphe
  24. define median palatine raphae
    a narrow elevated ridge in the middle of the palate
  25. define palatine rugae
    ridges extending outward from the median raphae on the hard palate
  26. define soft palate
    the posterior muscular portion of the palate forming an incomplete septum
  27. define maxillary tuberosity
    a pad of tissue at the distal to last maxillary molar
  28. define circumvallate papilla
    larger and brother than all the other papillae on the tongue, located on the posterior of the tongue
  29. define filiform papilla
    the most numerous papilla, thin hair like projections on the dorsal surface of the mouth
  30. define foliate papilla
    papilla located along the shallow folds on the lateral border of the tongue
  31. define fungiform papilla
    projections that are mushroom shaped, red and mixed among the filiform papilla, they contain taste buds for sweets, sours and salty
  32. define dorsal surface
    surface of the tongue opposite the palate
  33. define ventral surface
    surface of the tongue opposite the floor of the mouth
  34. define lingual frenum
    thin fold of tissue which connects the ventral surface of the tongue to the floor of the mouth
  35. define sublingual caruncle
    small raised papilla located on either side of the lingual frenum to the floor of the mouth
  36. define plica fimbriata
    a low fold tissue with fingerlike projection, 
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