Geo 143: International Migration

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  1. What have been some of most important recent trends in international migration across the globe?
    • 1. Acceleration
    • 2. Globalization
    • 3. Institutionalization of international migration
    • 4. Feminization of international migration
  2. What is meant by the “institutionalization” of international migration?
    -heightened role of public and private sector institutions governing migration flows
  3. What is meant by the “feminization” of international labor migration?
    • -women play an increasing role in all regions and all types of international migration
    • -almost 50% of international migrants
    • -majority engaged in care work and service sector
  4. What have been the major geographic areas of destination for international labor migrants across the globe?
    • 1. North America
    • 2. Europe
    • 3. Oil rich countries of Middle East
    • 4. Rich countries of Asia
    • 5. Australia
  5. What are some of the major sending and receiving countries of female domestic workers in the global labor market?
    • 1. Sending countries
    • -Philippines
    • -Mexico
    • -China
    • -India
    • 2. Receiving countries
    • -Hong Kong
    • -Singnapore
    • -Malaysia
  6. What drives this migration movement?
  7. What are the working conditions and relations between employers and employees? (See also article on Domestic Workers in Singapore)
    -employers treat workers as commodified labor

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