DIT day 2

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  1. blood pressure for intracebreal bleed and subarachnoid?
  2. moa of riluzole?
    decrease glutamater
  3. rx for huntintons?
    • dopamine agonists
    • tetrabezanine
  4. rx for acute ms?
    prevents frequency?

    inf or glatiramer
  5. rx for syringomyelia?
    surgical decompression
  6. dysarthia is due to what?
    motor problem
  7. rx for bells palsy?
  8. what do depressed patients get in terms of sleep?
    increased rem and decreased latency
  9. what part of the brain is involved when theĀ 
    1- pupils are blown?
    2- small and reactive
    3- doll's eyes
    4- no response to painful stimuli
    5-decorticate posturing
    6- decerebrate posturing
    • 1-midbrain--uncal herniation
    • 2-thalamus--transtentorial
    • 3- intact brainstem
    • 4--pontine/medulla--locked in syndrome
    • 5- cortex or thalamus involved
    • 6- midbrain involved
  10. rx for orbital cellulitis?
    iv antibiotics
  11. word for eyelid swelling?
  12. rx for acute angle closure glaucoma?
    • idiotoomy is definitive
    • but initial is timolo, pilocarpine, acetazolamide, mannitol
  13. difference betweeen loss of vision in central artery and central vein occlusion?
    • central artery- is acute
    • central vein---is more subacute
  14. what do you not give for corneal abrasion?
    topical steroids or topical anesthetics
  15. can optic neuritis cause vision loss?
  16. how does vit a defi present in the eye?

    bitots spots--keratinization and abnormal sqamous cell proliferation
  17. how is glaucoma diagnosed?
    increased cup to disc ratio
  18. what is the difference between vestibular neuritis and labiryntitis?
    • vestibular neuritis has vertigo, nystagmus but normal hearing where as
    • labiryntitis has hearing loss
  19. 2 causes of tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo?
    • shwannoma
    • menniere
  20. rx for personality disorderS?
  21. what meds might be helpful for cluster a personality disorder?
  22. rx for alcoholism
    • aa
    • topiramate
    • disulfiram
    • acamprosate
    • nalterxone
  23. what do you give for htn due to amphetamine/cocaine?
    phentolamine....no bb
  24. rx for benzo intoxication? withdrawal?
    • intoxication--flumazenil
    • withdrawal--benzo
  25. agitated elderly, rx?
    agitated teen?

  26. refeeding syndrome
    • hypophosphamtemia
    • cvs collapse
    • rhabdomyolisis, confusion, seizures
  27. rx for hypochondriasis
    regular scheduled doctor visits
  28. opiods that do not decrease pain, what is the dx?
    pain disorder
  29. anorexia or bulima can be treated with ssri?

    anorexia only with comorbid depression
  30. delirium vs sundowning?
    delirium is precipitated by drugs/uti with no history of dementia

    sundowning has dementia
  31. very acute delirium?
  32. what comorbidities are seen with adhd?
    oppositional defiant disorder
  33. what can be used for adhd when normal meds fail?
    • tca
    • bupropion
    • clonidine
  34. rx for tourettes?
    • tetrabezanine--no risk of td
    • haloperidol
  35. side effect of buproprion and nicotine replacement?
  36. midline hand wringing?
    ret disorder
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