blood vessels

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  1. Where does the right atrium receive blood
    Superior and inferior vena cava and coronary sinus
  2. The left atrium receive blood from…
    Right and left pulmonary veins
  3. The right and left ventricle pump blood to
    Pulmonary trunk and aorta
  4. The aorta to the vena cava is which circuit
    Systemic circuit
  5. From the pulmonary trunk to the pulmonary veins is which circuit
    Pulmonary circuit
  6. The heart is covered with a thin membrane called
  7. Most of the heart’s wall is the thick muscular,
  8. The chambers of the heart are line with a thin membrane…
  9. What supplies blood to the myocardium
    Coronary arteries
  10. Venous blood from the myocardium is collected by
    Coronary sinus vein, which returns blood to right atria
  11. On the internal wall of the auricles, muscular ridges can be seen
    Pectinate muscles
  12. In the ventricle the muscular ridges are calle
    Trabeculae carneae
  13. Valves are composed of…
    Three (tricuspid- right av valve) or two (bicuspid-left av valve) cusps
  14. As the ventricles contract the av valves open or close?
    Close and ensure one-way flow of blood from ventricle to arterial system
  15. To ensure that backflow of blood into the atria doesn’t occur…
    Chordae tendinea anchor the cusps to the wall of the ventricle.
  16. What holds the chordae tendineae in place?
    Papillary muscles
  17. What do the papillary muscles do?
    Help prevent prolapse of valve into the atrium
  18. Prevent backflow of high-pressure blood from the arterial system into relaxing ventricles
    Semilunar valves
  19. Another word for opening
  20. where does blood exit the coronary arteries
    via the ostia that lie superior to the aortic semilunar valve
  21. the abdominal aorta descends along what
    lumbar vertebrae
  22. another word for split in two branches
  23. which artery supplies blood to the pelvis and lower limb
    internal and external iliac
  24. what does the external iliac artery become
    femoral artery as it passes beneath the inguinal ligament and enters the thigh
  25. where does the superior vena cava receive deoxygenated blood 
    thorax, head, and upper limb
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