MGT 341 Test 1

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  1. Is Ethichal Practices good for long term business success?
  2. Sometimes the good guy loses.
  3. Ethics
    The discipline that examines one's moral standards or the moral standards of a society
  4. Globalization
    Connection of economic and social systems so that goods, services, intellectual capital, and money move freely and rapidly through nations
  5. Cyber Space
    term used to denote the existence of info on an electronic network of linked computer systems
  6. Efficiency
    being able to accomplish the job with a minimum expenditure of  time or cost
  7. Governments can have impact on savings rates, etc.
  8. Justice
    the moral principles for determining just conduct
  9. Social Dawarism
    Economic competition produces progress, but only the strong survive
  10. John Manyard Keyne
    Government can have a positive impact on things
  11. John Hicks
    price and wages are not always determined by market portions
  12. Are students bourgeoisie or proliteraism?
  13. St. Thomas Aquinas
    virtues are habits that enable a person to live reasonably in this world and be united with God in the next
  14. Moral values and moral virtues differ across cultures
  15. Retributive Justice
    requires fairness when blaming or punishing persons for doing wrong
  16. Maxism
    reasons for acting
  17. Negative Rights
    duties other have to not interfere in certain activiities of the person who holds the right
  18. Legal Rights
    an entitlement that derives from a legal system that enpowers a person to act a certain way
  19. Utilitarianism
    What's best for the most people but not really the best answer
  20. Universalizability
    the persons reason for acting must be reasons that everyone could act on at least in principle
  21. Feminist Ethics
    Women care more and have more feelings
  22. Justice is the most important ethics.
  23. Charateristics of Moral Standards
    • Serious benefit or injury
    • Not established by law
    • Value preferred to self-interest
    • Impartial
    • Special emotions or vocabulary attached to them
  24. 4 Basic Moral Standards
    • 1. Utiliaraism
    • 2. Rights of individual
    • 3. Justice
    • 4. Care
  25. Business Ethical Issues
    Systimic, Corporate, Individuals
  26. Problems with Utiliarianism
    • Values can't be measured
    • Fails with rights and justice
  27. 3 types of Justice
    • Distributive
    • Retributive
    • Compsenatory
  28. Socialism
    based on needs, best in small groups
  29. Communism
    No one should own their own property
  30. Capitalism
    by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market
  31. Puritan Work Ethic
    religious obligation to work hard everyday
  32. Aristotle and Aquinas Moral Virtues
    virtues are habits that enable a person to live according to reason
  33. 4 Cardinal virtues
    • Courage
    • Temperance
    • Justice
    • Prudence
  34. Which diamonds are sold to end a conflict?
    Blood Diamonds
  35. Which justice system is closely related to tort system?
  36. Idealogoy
    Shared beliefs of a society
  37. Adam Smith
    father of modern economics
  38. Visable Hand
    the market will work itself out..Government does not need to interfere with the market
  39. Ricardo absoulute advantage and comparative advantage
    Comparative Advantage- opportunity cost of making a good are lower for one country than the other

    Absoulute Advantage- production cost of making a good are lower for one country than the other
  40. Intergrity
    behavior consistent with your spouses values
  41. Rawls veil of ignorance
    the requirement that persons in the original position must now know particulars about themselves which might bias their choices such as their sex, race, religion, income, social status, etc.
  42. Liberarism view
    personal freedom and rights not to be interfere with
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