FOR 208 Soil Orders for FINAL

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  1. Name the 12 soil orders.
    • Gelisols
    • Histosols
    • Spodosols
    • Andisols
    • Oxisols
    • Vertisols
    • Aridisols
    • Ultisols
    • Mollisols
    • Alfisols
    • Inceptisols
    • Entisols
  2. Describe Gelisols

  3. Describe Histosols

    Organic, wetland soils

    Differentiated based upon degree of decomposition of organic matter
  4. Describe Spodosols

    "Formed under acid forests"

    Acid litter causes eluviation of many compounds
  5. Describe Andisols

    Formed from volcanic ash, young soils
  6. Describe Oxisols

    Very old, thick sola, highly weathered

    Weathered B horizon
  7. Describe Vertisols

    Have expanding clays

    Self-churning soils due to expansion and contraction of clays
  8. Describe Aridisols

    Arid, can be highly developed

    Due to limited leaching, accumulation of various salts
  9. Describe Ultisols

    Brown soils formed under deciduous forest, low base saturation

    Thin, brown A horizon, must have an argillic horizon and/or a kandic horizon
  10. Describe Mollisols

    Dark soils formed under prairies, high base saturation

    Dark A horizon, B horizon can have a variety of endopedons
  11. Describe Alfisols

    Brown soils formed under deciduous forest, high base saturation

    Thin, brown colored A horizon, must have argillic horizon
  12. Describe Inceptisols

    Older than Entisols

    Weak B horizon
  13. Describe Entisols

    Young, thin sola, relatively underdeveloped soils

    Thin A horizon over parent material

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Names and descriptions of the 12 soil orders
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