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  1. annoy, irritate / i don't dislike her, but she just annoys me sometimes./ it annoyed her.
    v.t 惱人to make some one feel slight angry
  2. annoying / an annoying habit or problem
    adj. making you feel slightly angry or impatient
  3. annoyed / get annoyed/ i couldn't see her face, but she sounded pretty annoyed.
    adj. feeling slightly angry or impatient
  4. spacious / a spacious room
    adj. 寬敞
  5. irritation / he could barely contain his irritation at their rudeness.
    a feeling of being annoyed or impatient.
  6. something gets under our skin
    to annoy, irritate or bother you
  7. onychophagia
    the medical term for bittinh your nails
  8. pick your nose
  9. booger
  10. pet hates
    small thing that you particularly find annoying
  11. distracting, it breaks my concentration/ i find it too distracting to work with the television on.
    adj. 使分心的 preventing you from concentrating on something
  12. block out / block out the sound
  13. kick the habit
    stop doing something that is bad for you
  14. sympathy
    n. 同情心
  15. boredom
    n. 無聊
  16. jargon / talking in jargon
    n. 行話
  17. exclusive
    adj. 獨家、獨佔、優勢
  18. i couldn't possibly say
  19. think outside the box
    think imaginatively 跳脫框架思考、發揮想像力
  20. bugbear/ traffic congestion is still the biggest bugbear for motorist.
    n.something that keeps annoying or worring you
  21. punctual / she liked her guests to be punctual. we expect punctual payment of bills.
    adj. 守時
  22. water-cooler moment
  23. trivial / trivial matters
    adj. 瑣碎
  24. sort out
    v. 應付 deal with something
  25. tense
    adj. 緊張
  26. atmosphere
    n. 氣氛
  27. tolerant
    adj. 寬容
  28. be responsible for , be in charge of / the manager is responsible for the general running of the theatre.
  29. obligation
    n. 義務
  30. address a problem, issue/ our products address the needs of real user.
  31. resolve
    n. 解決
  32. to air their grievances
    to complain to protest(抗議) speak out about what annoys them
  33. grievance
    n.c 怨氣
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