KINE 114 Final Quiz

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  1. What is the maximum heart rate of a 22-year-old male?
    • 198 Bpm
    • 220-age=MHR
  2. The optimal cardiovascular training range is _____ percent of your maximum heart rate.
    60 to 85 percent
  3. Select all answers that define BESST.
    Bike, Elliptical, Swim, Stepper, Treadmill
  4. Which of the answers are muscle fiber types
    Slow twitch and fast twitch.
  5. Determine recommended body weight of a person that
    weighs= % 220lbs, current % body fat=20,desired % fat=10.
    • BW=Body Weight
    • FW=Fat Weight

  6. Name the skeletal muscle protective mechanisms..
    • Golgi tendon and
    • Golgi organ
  7. How many repetitions should performed per exercise in order to develop muscular strength?
    1 to 8 repetitions
  8. To efficiently improve cardiovascular fitness and train the body to use fat, it is best to train aerobically between ________ days per week.
    3 to 5
  9. Isometric resistance training should be performed at ______ of maximum effort.
  10. Muscular endurance is best developed by performing ________ repetitions per set
    12 to 20
  11. What is the training range of an unfit, poorly conditioned 30-year-old male?
    76 to 114 bpm
  12. Name the inner lining of the blood vessel.
  13. Aerobic training exercise should be changed every ________
    6 to 8 weeks
  14. The best exercise for the lower back.
    Pelvic tilt.
  15. One pound of fat represents____________ calories.
  16. What is the 60 to 85% aerobic training range of a well-conditioned 20 year old male?
    120 to 170 BPM
  17. The formula to determine Body Mass Index is
    • BW=Body Weight
    • H=height

    (BWx705)/(H^2(in inches))
  18. The part of the cell that converts fat into energy is
  19. To increase strength, both the muscle and the _________ must be exercised.
    nervous system
  20. How many calories are used by a 150 pound male during 30 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise?
    • .095 x BW x mins
    • .095 x 150 x 30=427.5
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