ABT history

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  1. When was ABT founded?
  2. who was jewel abt?
    Davids wife
  3. How much money did Jewel Abt give to david to start his business?
  4. Where was Abt started?
    In logan square neighborhoof
  5. How big is Abt in glenview?
    37 acres
  6. What does Abt sell? (7)
    • -appliances/custom kitchens
    • -gourmet cooking
    • -home comfort (HVAC, power generators and sump pumps)
    • -TV and A/V
    • -computers
    • -watches
    • -fitness
  7. How big is Abts showroom?
    80,000 square foot
  8. how big is the salt-water aquarium?
    7,500 gallon
  9. What is the salt-water aquarium used for?
    it is used to demonstrate the image quality of the store's wide selection of cameras and camcorders
  10. What does the elegant fountain in atrium resemble?
    Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas
  11. Who came up with the idea for the elegant fountain in atrium?
    CEO Bob Abt's
  12. What do the in-house technical staff handle? (3)
    repairs, installation, and service issues
  13. Each Abt member is recognized by store manufactures as having...
    superior repair knowledge and skills
  14. why do abt members undergo continuous training?
    in order to provide superior electronics and appliance repair service
  15. What does Abt credit its success to?
    staying true to the family values and dedication to customer service on which it was founded
  16. Is Abt a corporate or family runed company?
    family run business today as second and third generation family members work on the store's floor
  17. when was the website launched?
  18. At the website abt.com, they provide similar in-store experience such as...(3)
    consumers with unparalleled customer service, shopping ease and quality product offerings.
  19. Do they charge for shipping for online stuff?
    no, most of the things are free shipping
  20. How does Abt distinguish itself ? (3)
    • -commitment to delivering complete customer satisfaction
    • -a highly trained and passionate staff
    • -dedication to fair pricing
  21. David and Jewel Abt AND 2008
    were inducted to 2008 Consumer electronics hall of fame
  22. Which corner is named after David and Jewel Abt?
    Wolfram and Milwaukee avenue on May 25th 2005
  23. What will the street Wolfram and Milwaukee  avenue be named on May 25 2005?
    Jewel and David Abt way
  24. What is motto of store?
    Pleasing people...since 1936
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