Lesson 2

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  1. cliche
    a phrase that is no longer very effective or meaningful because of being used too often.
  2. commend
    to speak of with approval; to praise
  3. competent
    able to do something
  4. deception
    a trick or lie
  5. drudgery
    dull, uninteresting work
  6. erode
    to wear away slowly
  7. luscious
    • delicious
    • extremely sweet and pleasing to the senses
  8. offend
    to cause someone to feel hurt or angry
  9. tack
    the ability to deal with difficult situations without making people feel hurt or insulted
  10. falter
    • to hesitate
    • to louse courage
    • to stammer
  11. hoard
    a store supply, often hidden
  12. intinidate
    • to frighten
    • to influence by fear
  13. jubilant
    • feeling great joy
    • happy enough to shout
  14. retrieve
    • to get back
    • to recover
  15. steadfast
    • firm and unchanging
    • loyal and true
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