History: US History 1 Final Exam Review Part 2

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  1. How did people become Enslaved Africans?
    Most slaves were in bondage because they were prisoners of war in Africa
  2. Who fought in the French and Indian War?
    • French and the British (British Perspective)
    • Native Americans fought on both sides
  3. What was the Results of the French and Indian War?
    Britain won all land in North America, east of the Mississippi River
  4. Colonial Taxation:
    Why did Britain want to tax the Colonies after the French and Indian War?
    To help pay for troops stationed in the colonies
  5. No Taxation Without Representation:
    Why were colonists against taxation?
    • Principle
    • No colonists were in Parliament so they felt Parliament had no right to tax them.
  6. Displayed colonial anger over British influence and taxation in the colonies
    • Boston Massacre
    • Boston Tea Party
  7. Why was George Washington chosen to be the leader of the Continental Army?
    • He had experience from the French and Indian War
    • He was a southerner from the powerful colony of Virginia
  8. Where was the first shot at?
  9. Where did the fight continue after Lexington?
  10. Written by Thomas Paine.
    It persuaded many colonists to separate from Britian
    Common Sense
  11. What were the weaknesses of the Colonial Army?
    • No strong central government in the colonies-continental congress
    • lacked the power to tax
  12. Why did the colonists win the Revolutionary War?
    • They had superior leadership (George Washington)
    • Had better war strategy
    • Foreign Support (French)
  13. Turning Point in the Revolutionary War
    Colonists won and signed a Formal Alliance with the French
  14. Last Major Battle of Revolutionary War
    Colonists won the battle ending British hopes of winning the war
  15. What were the Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
    • 1st Central Government in American History
    • Created after the Declaration of independence was signed
    • Central government had no power to tax
    • America had no money, respect, or power.
  16. Violent protest by Massachusetts farmers
    Shay's Rebellion
  17. The American Goverment had no power to stop the protesters, and ended up putting the economy in shambles
    Shay's Rebellion
  18. Proved that the Articles of Confederation were not working
    Shay's Rebellion
  19. Who was the Father of the Constitution?
    James Madison
  20. Wrote the Virginia plan and laid the foundation for the consitution
    James Madison
  21. Biggest feud at the Constitutional Convention was between...
    The Big and Small states
  22. Great Compromise:
    Name of Plan?
    Kind of legislature?
    Parts of the Legislature?
    • Virginia Plan
    • 2 House (Bicameral)
    • Senate and the House of Representatives
  23. Gave every state equal representation
  24. Representation based on Population
    House of Representatives
  25. All whites plus three-fifths of the slave population would be counted for both representation and taxation?
    3/5 Compromise
  26. A state has the right to make any law that i not covered by the Federal Government
    State Law
  27. Always overrides a state law when there is a dispute supremacy clause
    Federal Law
  28. Had to be kept a secret until everyone from it died.
    Constitutional Convention
  29. Power that 1 branch has over another
    Checks and Balances
  30. Gives each branch the means to restrain the other two.
    Checks and Balances
  31. Why do we have a Bill of Rights?
    The constitution had nothing protecting the rights of Americans
  32. In disputes over state and federal jurisdiction, federal law takes precendence. (supreme law of land)
    Supremacy Clause
  33. Made it possible to declare that a law violates the Constitution
    Judicial Review
  34. What was Hamilton's Financial Plan?
    • Combine all state debts into 1 federal debt
    • Create a national bank
    • Pay off national debt
  35. (Hamilton): the government can take reasonable actions that are not outlined in the Constitution—as long as those actions are not specifically prohibited. (Elastic Clause-necessary and proper)
    Loose Construction
  36. (Jefferson): The government should do only what the Constitution specifically states it can do
    Strict Construction
  37. Set behavioral examples for future Presidents
    Served Only 2 terms
    The precedent established by the presidency of George Washington
  38. Law that restricted freedom of speech and the press
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  39. Passed after the XYZ Affair
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  40. Doubles the size of the US
    Louisiana Purchase
  41. Journey to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase territory
    Lewis and Clark Expedition
  42. Lewis and Clark Expedition:
    Exploration Results
    They collected plants and animal specimens and sent them back to President Jefferson
  43. Who fought in the war of 1812
    U.S. vs. Britain
  44. What was the cause of the War of 1812?
    • Impressment of American Sailors
    • British inciting Indians on the frontier
    • British forts in American Territory
  45. Erased tensions between free/slaves states
    Missouri Compromise
  46. Made Missouri a slave state
    Missouri Compromise
  47. Established a free/slave line located at the bottom border of Missouri (36 30")
    Missouri Compromise
  48. Election of 1824:
    John Quincy Adams made a deal with Henry Clay to become president, even though Andrew Jackson had a high percentage of Votes
    Corrupt Bargain
  49. What were the results of the Corrupt Bargain?
    Jackson won in 1828
  50. What was Andrew Jackson's importance?
    • Spread democracy to the common white man
    • Got more people involved in politics
  51. Jackson kicks out people from the government and puts in his supporters
    Spoils System
  52. The U.S. Army marched the tribes west, hundreds of miles, to indian Territory
    Indian Removal Act
  53. The forced march of North Americans from the south east to reservations in Oklahoma soldiers brutalized natives and was considered ethnic cleansing
    Trail of Tears
  54. Compaign focuses on the packaging of candidates not the issues
    Election of 1840
  55. Used images and slogans
    Election of 1840
  56. What was the results of the Election of 1840?
    Harrison wins
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