History: US History 1 Final Exam Review Part 3

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  1. The most important construction project of the Industrial Revolution
    Erie Canal
  2. Boosted the economy of America
    Erie Canal
  3. Led to expansion in Slavery
    Cotton Gin
  4. Allowed farmers to produce more cotton and made it more valuable
    Cotton Gin
  5. Increased the price of slaves and America's dependence on slavery
    Cotton Gin
  6. Transforms the southern economy
    Cotton Gin
  7. Majority of slaves were field laborers
    Slave Plantation Work
  8. What were 2 pro-slavery arguments?
    • Masters took good care of slaves
    • Slaves had it better than northern workers
  9. What were 3 examples of Slave resistance?
    • Slave Revolts
    • Slowing Down Production
    • Escaping
  10. Period of religious evangelism became widespread in the U.S. by the 1830's
    2nd Great Awakening
  11. Intended to reduce the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Americans.
    Temperance Movement
  12. Largest group to immigrate in the 1840's and 50's.
    Irish Immigrants
  13. Disease infects Irish Potato crops in 1845, causing many Irish to starve
    Potato Famine
  14. The first women's rights convention held in the U.S.; organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
    Seneca Falls Convention
  15. Known as the birthplace of Women's Rights
    Seneca Falls Convention
  16. The movement to end slavery based on mortality
    Abolition Movement
  17. Who participated in the Abolition Movement?
    • Rich northern whites
    • Free blacks
    • Former slaves 
    • (Both men and women)
  18. Former slave who told people the evils of slavery
    Fredrick Douglass
  19. Extremely intelligent. He proved that African Americans were not inferior
    Fredrick Douglass
  20. The belief that the U.S. should extend its territory westward to the Pacific Ocean
    Manifest Destiny
  21. Longest and most traveled western trail that started in Independence Missouri and ended in the American North West
    Oregon Trail
  22. Although many people did not get rich, it was responsible for the American Settlement of California
    California Gold Rush
  23. Nickname for all the people who rushed to California in 1849 seeking gold
  24. Inspired the Texas Army to continue fighting in their revolution against Mexico
  25. Main cause of the Mexican War?
    US wanted to acquired western lands that belonged to Mexico
  26. What was the solution to the Mexican War?
    Draw them into war and defeat them
  27. What were the results of the Mexican War?
    • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    • American won a piece of land called the Mexican Cession
  28. Helped America complete its Manifest Destiny
    (US went from the Atlantic to Pacific)
    James K. Polk
  29. Biggest Issue after the Mexican War?
    (its a question that they were asking themselves)
    Was slavery was going to expand into the newly acquired land from Mexico?
  30. Solved sectional tensions following the Mexican War
    Compromise of 1850
  31. Heavy penalties imposed on people who aided runaway slaves or who blocked or refused to help in their capture.
    Fugitive Slave Act
  32. Turned many northerners against slavery and increased awareness
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
  33. An election to determine whether a state/territory should have slavery
    Popular Soverignty
  34. Determined that slaves can never be citizens, had no rights, and slavery should be allowed everywhere
    Dred Scott Decision
  35. Abolitionist who raided a Federal Government in order to steal guns and arm runaway slaves
    John Brown
  36. Plan by John Brown that failed, but made him a martyr for the anti-slavery cause
    Harper's Ferry
  37. After Lincoln was elected in 1860, 7 Southern States seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America
  38. Law that allowed voters in Kansas and Nebraska to choose whether or not to allow slavery.
    Kansas-Nebraska Act
  39. Leader of Confederate forces in Virginia during the Civil War
    Robert E. Lee
  40. Location of the first shots fired in the Civil War
    (Charleston- South Carolina)
    Fort Sumter
  41. Slave states between the North and South that did not leave the Union during the Civil War
    Border States
  42. Proved that the Civil War was going to be longer and bloodier than most Americans expected
    1st Bull Run
  43. What was Lincoln's Goal in the beginning?
    To preserve the Union
  44. What was Lincoln's Goal towards the end?
    To abolish slavery (13th Amendment)
  45. Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation after this battle
  46. Turning Point; reason for fighting the war changed (because Lincoln's goal changed)
  47. Turning Point that ended the change of the South receiving foreign help.
  48. Signaled the beginning of the end of the Confederate War effort.
  49. What slaves were freed and which weren't after the Emancipation Proclamation?
    • Only slaves in Confederate States were freed
    • Slaves in border states remained in bondage.
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