digestive lab

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  1. From where does the abdominopelvic cavity extend
    Diaphragm to the floor of the pelvis
  2. Where does the oral cavity extend
    • Labia to soft palate
    • Tongue to hard palate
    • Cheek to cheek
  3. What are the three pairs of salivary glands, and how are they connected to the oral cavity?
    Parotid, submandibular, sublingual are connected by exocrine ducts
  4. Where is food and drink pushed into by the tongue
    Oropharynx. When epiglottis is closed it is pushed through the laryngopharynx and into the esophagus where peristaltic contractions propel it to stomach by peristalsis
  5. How is the epiglottis closed over the opening of the larynx
    By elevating the hyoid
  6. Which fluid filled cavity surrounds the digestive viscera
    Peritoneal cavity (coelom)
  7. All of the digestive viscera begin life in the embryo suspended within
    • Mesentery.
    • During development, most organs retain a connection to posterior wall of abdomen by the mesentery
  8. What is the function of the mesentery
    Hold organs in place and transmit blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, and nerves
  9. A serous membrane that covers the digestive organs
    Visceral peritoneum
  10. Lines the peritoneal cavity
    Parietal peritoneum
  11. Which membranes secret fluid that eliminates friction between digestive visceral and abdominal walls
    Parietal and visceral peritoneum
  12. A large fatty fold of peritoneal membrane that hangs from the greater curvature of the stomach
    Greater omentum
  13. Partially digested food
  14. The first of three segments of the small intestines and where secretions from the pancreas and bile enter the digestive tract
  15. Excess bile is stored where
    Gall bladder
  16. Where does bile travel down from the liver
    Hepatic duct
  17. The short duodenum turns into the ______, which occupies the upper left quadrant of the abdomen
  18. What is the 3rd segment of the small intestine
  19. Where does the ileum empty into the large intestines
    The cecum at the ileocecal junction
  20. Small sac to which attaches the
  21. The sigmoid colon turns into the pelvic cavity and becomes theĀ 
  22. The arterial blood supply for the digestive organs arise from
    Abdominal aorta
  23. Is a very large branch of the abdominal aorta which branches into 3 smaller vessels that serve the stomach, liver, and pancreas
    Celiac trunk
  24. A branch of abdominal aorta that serves the small intestine
    Mesenteric artery
  25. Artery that serves the kidney
    Renal arteries
  26. Supplies the arterial blood to the large intestine
    Inferior mesenteric artery
  27. Veins draining the digestive viscera empty into this common vessel
    • Hepatic portal vein
    • Transports blood into the liver before entering the major systemic circulation
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