BDCS 2 (wood)

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  1. wood is stronger...
    in compression rather than tension
  2. framing lumber season at...
    19% or less
  3. fiber saturation point
    about 30%
  4. board foot
    nominal 1"x12" board one foot in length
  5. development of fungus
    • 1)mild temperatures
    • 2)moisture
    • 3)air
  6. wood
    hard fibrous substance lying beneath the bark of trees
  7. lumber
    wood that has been sawn into construction members
  8. timber
    lumber than is 5" or larger in its least dimension
  9. knot
    branch embedded in a tree and cut through in manufacture
  10. peck
    pitted area sometimes found in cedar and cypress
  11. pitch pocket
    opening between growth rings containing resin
  12. shake
    lengthwise grain separation between or through growth rings
  13. check
    lengthwise grain separation caused by seasoning
  14. split
    lengthwise separation of wood extending from one face to another
  15. wane
    lack of wood on the edge or corner
  16. warp
    shrinkage distortion of a plane surface; includes bow, crook, cup and twist
  17. core
    center ply
  18. face and back
    outer plie
  19. crossbands
    additional sheets located between and placed perpendicular to the core and outside plies
  20. hardboard
    made from wood fibers than have been highly compressed under heat and pressure into dense, durable boards
  21. fiberboard
    • manufactured from waste paper, wood pulp, and fibers
    • used for acoustical tile, sheathing, and interior wall finishes
    • standard size of 4x8, thickness 1/2" to 1"
  22. flakeboard
    • composed of large wood flakes bonded together with synthetic resins under pressure
    • lightweight
    • easily damaged
    • used for insulating backoup material or as an acoustical material on upper walls and ceilings
  23. particleboard
    • dry-formed of wood particles bonded together with synthetic resin
    • used for core stock for plastic laminate or hardwood veneers and used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, countertops, wall paneling, and doors of all types
  24. beadboard
    • insulating board consisting of a core of small, expanded polystyrene beads with heavy paper laminated to both sides
    • use insulating material, such as perimeter insulation on foundation walls
  25. plastic laminates
    consist of a base of phenolic-resin impregnated kraft paper over which a patterned sheet is applied
  26. glue laminated lumber
    • glulam
    • laminations 1-1/2" (but 3/4" is used for curved radius)
    • up to 75" in depth
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