CPII Final

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  1. What is the most effective means for the body to dissipate heat when the temp and radiant heat of the enviro are higher than body temp?
  2. What condition is indicative of an absence of sweating with hot flushed, dry skin?
    Heat stroke
  3. When a storm is near and person's hair stands on end, what should done?
    Drop to the ground and assume a crouched position
  4. How many minutes prior to exposure of the sun should sunscreen be applied?
  5. If the flash to band is 15 seconds lightning is occuring how far away
    3 miles
  6. How can heat illness be prevented in a competitive training program?
    Rest periods. Every 15-20 minutes a water break, monitor heat index
  7. Which of the following muscles is not a part of the rotator cuff
  8. The empty can test is used to determine injury to what muscle?
  9. What direction does the shoulder most commonly dislocate?
  10. Each of the following athletes is prone to overuse injuries of the shoulder except which athlete?
  11. Which of the following is the mechanismf for an acromioclavicular sprain?
    A fall on an outstretched arm
  12. When an athlete has suffered a clavicular fracture which of the following signs and symptoms will be apparent?
    • All of the above:
    • The clavicle appears lower than the unaffected side
    • The athlete is supporting their arm
    • Palpation at the injury site reveals tenderness
  13. Which of the following tests is used to check for shoulder subluxation/dislocations?
    Apprehension test
  14. If an athlete complains of burning and tingling pain or numbness in the fourth and fifth fingers, what structure may be damaged?
    Ulnar nerve
  15. When an elbow is dislocated it is important to consider the possibility of what secondary injury?
    • All of the above:
    • Facture
    • Tearing or pinching of the nerves
    • Disruption of the normal blood supply
  16. Severe point tenderness is the anatomical "snuffbox" may indicate a fracture of which bone?
  17. What degree classification of a ligament sprain involves total tearing of tissue?
    Third degree
  18. Which of the following would be considered an acute injury?
    Shoulder subluxation
  19. What is the first step to establish unresponsiveness of an athlete?
    Gently tap their shoulder and ask "Are you OK?"
  20. After completing a primary survey, which of the following decisions would be unnecessary to consider?
    Level of consciousness
  21. Discuss how you treat a suspected scaphoid fracture and what problems and compications arise from not properly treating it
    Splint and send for x-ray
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