BDCS 4 (thermal/moisture protection and finsh work)

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  1. permeable
    capable of being pentrated by water withou causing rupture or displacement
  2. pervious
    permitting leakage or flow of water through cracks, leaks, or other openings
  3. water-resistant
    having no openings larger than capillary pores that permit leakage of water
  4. water-repellent
    incapable of transmitting water by capillary action, but able to transmit water under pressure
  5. waterproof
    completley impervious to water, whether under pressure or not
  6. membrane waterproofing
    • membrane normally consists of several walls
    • consists of several layers of asphalt-saturated felt (specified as 2-ply or 3-ply)
  7. waterstops
    devices used to create waterproof construction joints in walls and floors below grade
  8. 8:12, 7:12, 6:12, 5:12 roof pitches
    • tile & slate
    • all types of shingles and metals
  9. 4:12 roof pitches
    asphalt strip shingles
  10. 3:12, 2:12 roof pitches
    asphalt roll roofing
  11. 1:12 roof pitches
    bituminous roofs and metals that are soldered or welded
  12. asphalt roofing material
    built-up, shingles and roll
  13. wood roofing material
    shingles and shakes
  14. metal roofing material
    sheet, corrugated and strip
  15. clay, cement and slate roofing material
  16. glass and plastic roofing material
  17. plastic roofing material
    liquid coatings
  18. R value
    • thermal resistance
    • higher is better
  19. vapor barriers
    • prevent passage of water vapor
    • made from aluminum foil, various types of sheet plastic, or asphalt-saturated felt
  20. loose fill insulation
    • glass or minearl wool, vermiculite, perlite
    • used for wall cavities and flat air spaces such as attics
    • Rvalue=4"=3.90
  21. batt or blanket insulation
    • glass or mineral wool enclosed by paper or aluminum - vapor barriers available
    • used for air spaces in framed walls, floors, and ceilings
    • Rvalue-3.5"=11.00
    • R=3.3 for 1"
  22. board or sheet insulation
    • cork, glass or mineral fibers, paper pulp
    • used for wall sheathing and rigid roof insulation
    • Rvalue- 1"=2.75
  23. reflective insulation
    • aluminum foil often in combination with layers of paper and air spaces
    • used for roof, wall and floor insulation plus vapor barrir
    • Rvalue- 1"air space with 2 reflective surfaces=1.39
  24. foam insulation
    • plastics, spray type or panels
    • used for sheathing, irregular spaces
    • Rvalue- 1" panel=6.00
  25. metal clad doors
    • commonly called kalamein doors
    • consist of a solid wood core covered with sheet metal
    • ordinarily resist fire as long as the sheet metal cover prevents oxygen from reaching it
  26. cylinder locks
    more or less concealed by fitting into holes drilled in the lock stile of the door
  27. mortise locks
    fit completely into a rectangular cavity carved in the edge of the door
  28. unit locks
    fit into a door cutout
  29. rim lock
    mounted on the interior surface of the door and have square or rectangular boxes
  30. BHMA 600
    steel primed for painting (USP)
  31. BHMA 605
    bright brass, clear coated (US3)
  32. BHMA 606
    satin brass, clear coated (US4)
  33. BHMA 611
    bright bronze, clear coated (US9)
  34. BHMA 612
    satin bronze, clear coated (US10)
  35. BHMA 613
    dark oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed (US10B)
  36. BHMA 618
    bright nickel plating on brass or bronze, clear coated (US14)
  37. BHMA 619
    satin nickel plating on brass or bronze, clear coated (US15)
  38. BHMA 622
    flat black coated brass or bronze, clear coated (US19)
  39. BHMA 625
    bright chromium plated over nickely on brass or bronze (US26)
  40. BHMA 626
    satin chromium plated over nickel on brass or bronze (US26D)
  41. BHMA 628
    satin aluminum, clear anodized (US28)
  42. BHMA 629
    polished stainless steel, 300 series (US32)
  43. BHMA 630
    satin stainless steel, 300 series (US32D)
  44. acoustical plaster
    provides acoustical treatment for walls and ceilings
  45. bonding plaster
    used on interior concrete walls and ceilings
  46. fire-resistant plaster
    provides fire resistance for steel and other materials
  47. keene's cement plaster
    contains lime putty for hard, water-resistant finish
  48. lightweight plaster
    contains vermiculite or perlite aggregates for fire resistance
  49. non-vitreuous tile
    moisture absorption rate between 7 and 15%
  50. semi-vitreous tile
    moisture absorption rate between 3 and 7%
  51. vitreous tile
    absorbs less than 3% of its weight in moisture and has a density such that it cannot be penetrated by dirt
  52. impervious tile
    • repels almost all moisture and dirt
    • extremely hard and generally available only by special order
  53. glazed interior tile
    non-vitreous, made by the dust-pressed process and used for interior surface applications
  54. glazed weatherproof tile
    semi-vitreous or vitreous, may be used for moderate wear on the exterior
  55. ceramic mosaic tile
    • generally unglazed, semi-vitreous, and less than 6 square inches in area (when larger, they are pavers)
    • often factory mounted on larger paper sheets for ease of installation and used on both interior and exterior
  56. quarry tile
    • unglazed unites, made by the plastic process, and nearly impervious to moisture, dire and stains
    • weatherproof, durable and suitable for heavy duty water
  57. inlaid, faience and handmade tiles
    varieties of special, colorful tiles
  58. strip flooring
    available in various thicknesses ranging from 5/16 to 25/32 inch and widths ranging from 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches and random lengths
  59. plank flooring
    • thickness 5/16 to 25/32 inches
    • widths 3-1/4 to 8 inches
    • frequently laid in random widths with a v-groove where the board edges meet
    • susceptible to warpage and therefore often screwed to the subfloor
  60. parquet flooring
    • prefabricated squares measuring about 9 to 12 inches square between 1/2 to 25/32 inch thick
    • unfinished or finished
    • thin block flooring is fastened by nailing or by adhesives
  61. solid block flooring
    • consists of end-grained blocks that have been treated with creosote against moisture and decay
    • blocks set in a coating of bituminous material
    • used in workshops and industrial buildings
    • very resistant to oil, grease, and mild chemicals
  62. magnesite seamless floors
    • magnesium oxychloride
    • forms a plastic material that is troweled to a smooth finish
    • finsihed surface ranging from 1/2 to 1 inch
    • may be applied directly over wood, concrete, or flat steel decking
  63. elastometric floors
    • composed of clear urethane resins applied as a liquid over an elastomer underlayment
    • generally hard, durable, and relatively easy to maintain
    • colored vinyle chips are often embedded in the urethane for their decorative color
  64. rubberized plastic floors
    • consist of several layers of various neoprene compositions troweled over a waterproof latex membrane
    • finish is smooth and durable and completely waterproof
    • interior and exerior use
  65. paint-type flooring
    • finishes consist of synthetic resin (epoxy, urethane, polyester, etc) and an activator
    • when mixed applied directly over concrete, wood or metal to producs an exceptionally hard, durable, wear-resistant, easily maintained, greaseproof floor finish
  66. acoustical tiles
    manufactured from wood, mineral, or glass fibers with perforated, textured or patterned surfaces that allow sound to penetrate
  67. acoustical panels
    made from perforated steel, aluminum, fiberboard, or hardboard, which is backed with a soft, sound-absorbing batt or blanket
  68. wet materials
    acoustical plaster and mineral-fiber products to which a binding agent is added
  69. enamels
    • pigmented paints that use varnish as a vehicule
    • form a hard tough film that is durable and resistent to weathering
    • available in matte or gloss finish
  70. baked enamels
    • factory-applied, as they require controlled temp of between 200 and 300 degress Farenheit to harden
    • durable, washable, and resistant to most mild chemicals
  71. clear coatings
    protect without affecting the surface
  72. clear sealers
    • water-borne sealers and water-repellant compounds
    • available using acrylic, urethane, and other binders
  73. coal tar pitch
    • a bituminous coating
    • must be melted to a fluid for application
    • used to protect metal and is applied by dipping
    • coal tar mixtures may be applied hot or cold and are used as waterproofing agents
  74. asphalt coatings
    • a bituminous coating
    • available as paints, enamels, and emulsions
    • commonly used for dampproofing and waterproofing work
  75. cement coatings
    • consist of portland cement and occasionally lime (with water as the vehicul)
    • used for damp-proofing masonry and concrete surfaces, and for steel protection
  76. fire-resistant and flameproof paints
    used to improve flame spread ratings and stop heat transfer to combustible materials
  77. rust-preventive paints and primers
    • low permeability to corrosive elements and low water absorption
    • typically include zinc or (in some cases) portland cement as the principal ingredient
  78. antibacterial and insecticidal paints
    produced by adding counteracting ingredients to the paint
  79. vehicules
    • -constitute the liquid portion of a paint mixture, consist of a binder that forms the paint film, driers to speed up formation of the film, and solvents and aid in drying
    • -contains drying oils or resins, alone or in combination
    • -driers such as linseed oil, have the ability to absorb oxygen and change into a solid state
    • -resins that are natural (varnish) or synthetic (phenolics, epoxides, alkyds, latexes, urethanes, poly vinyls) all add to a paint's durability and protective quality
  80. lacquer
    • coating material with a high nitrocellulose content modified with resins and plasticixers dissolved in a volatile solvent
    • catalyzed lacquers contain an extra ingredient that speeds drying time and gives the finish additional hardness
  81. varnish
    • material consisting of various types of resinous materials dissolved in one of several types of volatile liquids
    • conversion varnish is produced with alkyd and urea formaldehyde resins
    • when a high solids content is specified, the finish becomes opaque
  82. polyurethane
    • synthetic finish that gives a very hard, durable finish
    • difficult to repair or refinish, polyurethane finishes offer superior resistance to water, to many commercial chemicals, and to abrasion
    • from satin to full gloss
  83. polyesters
    • type of synthetic finish that give the hardest, most durable finish possible
    • opaque polyesters can be colored and are available only in a full-gloss sheen
    • like polyurethanes, polyester finishes are very difficult to repair and refinish outside the shop, but give very durable finishes with as much as 80% the hardness of glass
  84. bituminous coatings
    • asphalt or coal-tar pitch materials applied to the exterior side of the foundation wall
    • may be brushed or sprayed on, can be applied wither hot or cold
    • do not seal cracks that develop after they are applied
  85. cementitious coatings
    1 or 2 coatings of portland cement mortar can be troweled over the surface of masonry or concrete foundation walls
  86. methods of damproofing
    • admixtures
    • bituminous coatings
    • cementitious coatings
    • membranes
    • plastics (above grade dampproofing)
  87. dampproofing
    control of moisture that is not under hydrostatic pressure
  88. emissivity
    • aka emittance
    • measure of how much energy is emitted
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