Shotgun Questions Day 10

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  1. 1.  How much fuel is provided through the single point refueling?
    A:  1100 pounds
  2. 2.  How much more fuel is available with over the wing refueling?
    A:  100 pounds
  3. 3.  Within how many pounds does the auto balance system keep the wing tanks?
    A:  20 pounds
  4. 4.  When does the red FUEL PX annunciator illuminate?
    A:  When the low pressure switch indicates less than 10 psi fuel pressure
  5. 5.  How many pounds of fuel remain in a wing when the associated FUEL LO annunciator illuminates?
    A:  110 pounds
  6. 6.  When will the FUEL BAL annunciator illuminate?
    A:  If indicated fuel balance exceeds 30 pounds for 2 minutes, or a fuel probe failure
  7. 7.  What does FP FAIL indicate?
    A:  Failure of a fuel probe 
  8. 8.  Will automatic fuel balancing be available with fuel probe failure?
    A:  No
  9. 9.  What should you do if the FUEL PX annunciator illuminates and the boost pump activates during inverted flight?
    A:  Cease inverted maneuvers and notify maintenance after the flight.
  10. 10. When does FUEL PX illuminate?Where?  
    A:  <10 psi; Motive flow supply line
  11. 11.  When does the L/R FUEL LO light illuminate
    110# optical sensor
  12. 12.  Three times the boost pump light will illuminate?  
    • A: 1.  When switch is turned on
    • 2.  Automatically by the low px switch as long as PCL is above idle
    • 3.  Whenever starter is activated (automatically or manually)
  13. 1.  T/F When nonrated personnel occupy the rear seat the safety pin will be removed once clear of the chocks and before entering the active runway?  
    F: nonrated personnel will not remove the seat safety pin (unless ejection fails with the ISS fails).
  14. 2.  What is the minimum taxi distance between aircraft in trail?  Staggered? Night or Snow?
    A:  150’;  A:  75’;  A:  300’
  15. 3.  What is the definition of recovery fuel?  
    A:  Fuel on initial or at the FAF at the base of intended landing.
  16. 4.  What is the local recovery fuel?  
    A:  200lbs
  17. 5.  What is min fuel dual?  
    A: 150lbs; Solo?  A:  200lbs
  18. 6.  What is emergency fuel?  
    A:  100lbs or less
  19. 7.  Minimum runway length for T-6 operations?  
    A: 4000 feet
  20. 8.  Minimum runway width for T-6 operations?
    A: 75 feet
  21. 9.  OG/CCs may waive the length/width requirement for nontowered airfield low approaches to what?  
    A: 3000’/50’
  22. 10.  T-6 aircraft require how much distance between arresting cables located on or above the runway surface?  
    A: 4000 feet
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