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    Courbet, The Stone Breakers, 1850
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    Cézanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1900
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    Picasso, Guitarist, 1920

    Analytic Cubism, Modernism

    After Renaissance, an analytical way to depict art, not abstract while being reduced into schema of lines a chiaroscuro.
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    Picasso, Guitar, Sheet Music, and Glass, 1920


    (fragmentation)-individual entities perceive together to represent something of greater meaning, allowing each object with more than one utility (multiplicity)
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    Duchamp, Nude Descending a Staircase, 1920

    Analytic Cubism, Chronophotography, Modernism

    • -(chronophotography) the study of individual action within motion created by Muybridge 
    • -Combining painting technique and photographic time
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    Duchamp, Fountain, 1920

    Readymade, Dada

    • A work of art that that is manufactured and hand picked by an artist
    • Questions the validity of an artist, art, and roles of institution.
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    Hausmann, Self-Portrait of the Dadasoph, 1920

    Collage , Dada 

    • -People are tied to mechanical re-productivity
    • - Mass-made materials pieced together into a montage to think critically on the materials of the 1920's
    • -Dada rejected logic and reason, prizing nonsense , irrationality and intuition
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    Rodchenko, Shukhov Tower, 1920


    • -Transitional, social Period, in Russia( post WWI) 
    • -Serve as influence to push society into rebuilding their society
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    Jorn, The Avant-Garde Doesn't Give Up, 1960


    • -Art style that are ahead or advanced in their techniques (i.e exploring new methods, pushing new boundaries and being radical)
    • -Questioning structural authority on society
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    Debord, The Naked City, 1960


    Playfulness and drifting around urban environments
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    Mies van der Rohe, Seagram Building, 1960

    "The International Style"

    Emphasis on volume, balance, and the expulsion of applied ornament to Modernism
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    Le Corbusier, L'Esprit Nouveau Pavilion, 1920

    Curtain Wall

     A nonbearing wall, often of glass and steel, fixed to the outside of a building and serving especially as cladding

    -A triumph over difficulties , to change urban housing with modernity
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    Mondrian, Tableau No. IV, Lozenge composition with red, gray, blue, yellow, and black, 1920

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    Mondrian's studio, 1940

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    Albers, Grid Mounted, 1920


    Universal, neutral
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    Gropius, Modular Prefabricated Building System, 1920

    Modular design
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    Dubuffet, Olympia, 1950

    Celebrating distorted female body, mushing body parts into a pattern
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    Beaton, Fashion Shoot for Vogue, 1950

    Gesture,Mediation, Abstraction

    • -Pollock painting as background- expressing his movements through movement leaving a unique record from an artist
    • -Not high as art , since perception is changed through popular media
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    Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1950

    Grid, Mediation, Media Culture, Silkscreen 

    • -Silkscreen, made by both technology and human
    • -Mediated through media culture, as T.V
    • -Challenges the grid saying it still cause distortion
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    Warhol, Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick, 1950

    Media Culture 


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    Ono, Cut Piece, 1950

    Fluxes, Performance Art

    • -Small pieces of art to buy
    • -Removing intimate piece of clothing in performance 
    • -Performance only remembered through documentation
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    Paik, Performing La Monte Young’s Composition #10 at “Zen for Head,” 1950


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    Chicago, The Dinner Party, 1970


    An honor for historical woman, while being heavily influenced into feminist features
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    Mendieta, Untitled (Death of a Chicken), 1970

    • -Create a performance that cannot be bought or sold
    • -Make nakedness active not passive 
    • -Culture relation with blood
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