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  1. postpartum
    the 6 wk period after childbirth
  2. fundus
  3. involution
    "the process by which the uterus returns to a pre-pergnant size, shape, & location; & the placental site heals."
  4. the focus of the physiological aspect of postpartum nursing care is
    assess for early signs of potential complications; health promotion; family education
  5. afterpain
    moderate to severe cramp-like pains that are related to the uterus working hard to remain contracted and/or to the increase of oxytocin that is released in response to infant suckling.
  6. endometrium
    the mucus membrane that lines the uterus
  7. lochia
    a bloody discharge from the uterus that contain sloughed off necrotic tissue; it undergoes changes that reflect the healing stages of the uterine placental site
  8. primary engorgement
    "an increase in the vascular & lymphatic system of the breasts, precedes the initiation of milk production"
  9. subsequent breast engorgement
    is related to distention of milk glands that is relieved by having the baby suckle or by expressing milk
  10. mastitis
    "inflammation/infection of the breast; maybe due to bacterial entry through cracks in nipples, usually occurs in 1 breast"
  11. colostrum
    "a clear, yellowish fluid, precedes milk production"
  12. S&S of mastitis
    "fever, malaise, unilateral breast pain, & tenderness in the infected area"
  13. treatment for mastitis
    "antibiotic therapy, analgesia, rest, hydration; should continue to breastfeed or pump as physician or midwife recommends"
  14. postpartum chills
    feeling cold & shaking during the first few hours after birth
  15. cystitis
    bladder inflammation/infection
  16. S&S of cystitis
    "frequency, urgency, pain/burning on urination & malaise"
  17. treatment for cystitis
    "antibiotic therapy, rest, hydration"
  18. diastasis recti abdominis
    a separation of the rectus muscles (abdomin muscels)
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postpartum physiological assessment
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