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  1. What are the series tests?
    N-th term, Telescoping, ratio, geometric,comparison, Alternating
  2. What are standard series?
    p-series and harmonic series
  3. A function is continuous at b if?
    The left and right limits are equal at that point
  4. A function is differentiable at b if?
    The limit of the derivative from left and right are equal
  5. Squeeze theorem is used to evaluate limits by?
    Using another limit that is always higher than the original sequence or below that converges or diverges respectively
  6. The extreme value theorem states that?
    The endpoint or critical points must contain the global maxima or minima, within an interval
  7. What is the formular for finding roots of complex numbers?
    Image Upload
  8. What is the equation for eigenvalues?
    Image Upload
  9. Vectors a linearly dependent if their?
    Their vectors arranged in matrix, will have a zero determinant
  10. What effect does scalar multiplication of a row, have on the determinant?
    Multiplying the determinant by that scalar
  11. What affect does adding rows together have on the determinant?
  12. What affect does swapping rows have on the determinant?
    Multiply det by -1
  13. A series is absolutely  convergent  if?
    • the absolute values of the sequence, have a series that converges
    • Image Upload is convergent
  14. What is the general form of a taylor series?
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