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  1. A person who is following a vegetarian diet, will they have lower iron levels?
  2. Calcium and iron have to be on the back of every food package
  3. What is fortification?
    Adding nutrients to eh natural product
  4. What are legunes?
    beans, peanuts, peas and protien

    Not potatoes
  5. Seditary and Active

    Estimated Daily kCalorie needs for adults
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  6. Are trans fats healthy?
  7. What does nutrient dense mean?
    More nutrients in that product. More nutrients than kilo calories.
  8. Will non- fat milk contain more calcium than low-fat milk?
  9. A nutritionist will do a diet history, what consists of their physical examination?
    Inspection of the patient head to toe
  10. Anthropometric
    Measurements of height and weight
  11. Why is it important for a nutritionist to run lab tests?
    Because any deficiencies wouldn't show up physical but they will show in lab test.
  12. Amount of nutrients required for 90% of the population is?
    RDA recommended dietary allowance
  13. How many calories to fat?
    1 gram of fat = 9 kilo calories

    1 gm of carbs = 4 kilo calories
  14. Which provide more energy, fat or alcohol?
  15. Difference between micronutrients and macronutrients?
    Carbs are macro because you can see them. Minerals are micro because you cannot see them.
  16. Different classes of nutrients
    • 1. carbs
    • 2. lipids
    • 3. proteins
    • 4. vitamins
    • 5. mineral
    • 6. water
  17. What are functional foods?
    foods which give more benefits to health than expected because of its nutrient contribution.
  18. Preference, background, emotional positive or negative associations are reasons we eat certain foods.
  19. A person who chooses his foods according to religion is considered values or ethnicity?
  20. A person who makes poor food choices decreases their life span
  21. a person or child who eats and doesn't taste food right is called
    negative association
  22. a mother offers a snack to a child after completing chores is?
    positive association
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